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rrElite Veteran

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Lately I've experienced a condition which I believe is a Rx Low Voltage Fail Safe : I just wonder - Doe's the RX really send a signal to the TX telling it to go into a fail safe condition if the voltage falls under a certain parameter ?? Can't seem to hold over 5V in flight load, at best - more like 4.8 V.

Seem's at the most in opportunity mommnent I get a throttle cut back to high idle. Believe it may have caused me to fall out of a loop.

Sometimes, I can throttle back, settle down and catch the motor, and try it again, and it will fail safe again.

The Parameters in TX are all good. I'm not sure I'm not a seeing a fuel delivery problem although I did let my sealed jug sit in the car over night so the condensation question does arise.

Problem stems from what I believe is a "new" poor spec 2500ma NIMIH which only cycles in around 1500ma." Yes I cycled it although many say don't "

Got to give em credit if that RX can tell that TX their's not enough

Is their im bedded programing in a 9Csuper to retard the throttle in the case of a Low Voltage RX condition ??


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Marblehead, OH

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First, the receiver never "sends" anything back to the transmitter.
Second, leaving the fuel jug in your car overnight is not a problem.
You didn't say what receiver you are using. Some Futaba receivers do have a battery failsafe mode which will cut the throttle when voltage drops too low. You can reset the throttle by moving the stick to idle and back up.


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rrKey Veteran

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I think what hes saying is that if it was a failsafe problem, it closed his carb barrel instead of sending it to idle which caused it to die in flight. Does failsafe usually send it to idle or does it close the barrel?

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rrKey Veteran

Conroe, TX

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Depends on how you setup the Fail Safe. You can set it to what ever throttle speed you want and what pitch you want. But if his battery is dropping to 4.8v, then it most likely isn't going into a brown out and Fail Safe.
O' wait a minute this is a Futaba. In this case there is no telling what is happening.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Low Voltage Fail Safe ??
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