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UAS Ops matrix
They are trying to collect information on what we want to do... IF you are interested in filling it out it's in the RCAPA forum or you can PM me.

Thanx, P

From: UVS International
86 rue Michel Ange
75016 Paris
Tel.: 33-1-
Fax: 33-1-

Re: Invitation To Contribute


I would like to inform you that AVBS, the Czech Unmanned Systems Manufacturers Association, has joined the ICC.
Eventhough they are not members of the ICC, this email is also being sent to the Australian Certified UAS Operators Association and the Japan UAV Association.

The following facts that are now becoming clear for all entities involved with Light UAS (aircraft mass <150 kg):
- the majority of the manufacturers producing Light UAS are small & medium sized companies;
- a number of Light UAS are currently already flying and fulfilling non-military applications (commercial, research, experimental) in a number of countries (e.g. Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK);
- in a number of countries the currently existing rules & regulations that permit (or permitted) such operations are going to be modified in the near future (e.g. France, Switzerland), or have already been modified (USA), and this will make it impossible to legally carry out such operations in the near future;
- in a number of cases the current flight operations of Light UAS are not taking place in accordance with existing rules & regulations;
- in the majority of the countries there are no existing rules & regulations covering/permitting routine Light UAS flight operations;
- a significant number of non-military applications for Light UAS have been identified;
- therefore, there is a growing desire by Light UAS manufacturers and current & future users of Light UAS to see the regulatory situation for Light UAS evolve rapidly.

In order to move the regulatory process for Light UAS forward, and obtain the necessary drive & the possible funding to do so, political awareness of the issue must be created/improved.

Last week, during the UAS 2009 conference, Gilles Fartek, European Commission, Directorate General Transport, expressed keen interest to initiate and participate in this process.
He requested to receive information that will permit the European Commission to evaluate how unmanned aircraft systems (Light UAS in particular) are currently used for non-military applications, and in what direction the current & potential users desire that these applications, as well as the rules & regulations evolve.
In order to make this possible, Gilles Fartek has requested UVS International to reach out to the international UAS community (not only Europe) and request the community to supply pertinent data.

In the attachment you will find an Excel form designated "Current & Desired Non-Military UAS Operations" that has been produced (with help of Peter Cozijn, Gatewing, Belgium & Per Osen, Robot Aviation, Norway) to obtain the desired pertinent data. This document incorporates the suggestions received from Keith Dobson, CAA, UK.
The intent of this document is to describe current & desired Light UAS operations, that are, or can be, fulfilled with a certain UAS, equipped with a specific sensor, and the operational requirements.
This document will permit industry to express what it would like to be able to do in the future terms of mission capability (and opening up the airspace beyond 500 m horizontal control distance & 400ft above ground level for visual line of sight operations).

The ICC members are kindly requested to forward this document to your members, partners, clients and national contacts involved with Light UAS (manufacturers & users) and to request them to complete the form.
Organizations can complete more than 1 form.
Each completed form should have a title constructed as follows:
name of the organization_country (this can be followed by _01 & _02 & _03 etc, if more than 1 form is completed by the same organization).
All completed forms should be emailed to and should be received before 15 August 2009.
Please do not wait until the last moment to send me your completed forms.

All completed forms received will be consolidated in one large Excel file by UVS International.
This consolidated document will be supplied to Gilles Fartek, European Commission, DG TREN.
This consolidated Excel file will also be supplied to all interested parties, including:
- EUROCAE WG73 Sub-Group 4 on Light UAS;
- RTCA SC203;
- Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS);
- European Defence Agency (EDA);
- Eurocontrol & European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA);
- European Space Agency (ESA);
- as well as all contributing ICC members.

This consolidated Excel file will hopefully make it possible to highlight:
- what type of UAS are currently used most for non-military applications;
- what type of UAS are desired/required for future non-military applications;
- what type of non-military UAS applications are currently being carried out;
- what type of non-military UAS applications are anticipated in the near future;
- what kind of airspace will be required for such future operations.

This consolidated Excel file will hopefully permit:
- EUROCAE & RTCA to see where they should concentrate their efforts;
- EUROCAE WG73 Sub-Group on Light UAS to define & prioritize their future work;
- JARUS & the national regulatory authorities to identify where they should be concentrating their efforts;
- European Commission to evaluate the importance of the current & upcoming non-military UAS applications;
- European Commission to realize the large number of small & medium-sized companies involved in the field of Light UAS and get a better and more balanced understanding of the market potential for Light UAS (based on direct feedback from from the actual players in the Light UAS arena, namely the small & medium-sized companies that make up the backbone of this industry).

After receipt of the aforementioned consolidated Excel sheet, Gilles Fartek has the intention to organize a special European Commission meeting in Brussels, Belgium for small & medium-sized companies (manufacturers & flight service providers) involved with UAS.
At this meeting the conclusions drawn from the consolidated Excel sheet and ideas/suggestions for a way forward will be discussed.
Only companies having completed & submitted the attached Excel sheet will qualify to participate in this meeting.

Prior to this meeting, it will probably be imperative that a special EUROCAE WG73 Sub-Group 4 meeting takes places, so that the EUROCAE WG73 Sub-Group 4 members can define their position.
During the upcoming EUROCAE WG73 Sub-Group 4 meeting at the offices of IVW (CAA) in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands on Friday 3 July 2009, we will hopefully be able to decide on the required additional/complementary action items.

It is hoped that the meeting that will be called by the European Commission will take place before ICAO's Civil/military ATM Symposium in Montreal, Canada (19-21 Oct 2009).

I look forward to receiving your contributions and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Cordial regards,
Peter van Blyenburgh
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