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06-20-2009 08:54 AM  11 years ago
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Hirobo Lepton and Rave
I currently have a Lepton (4S) and I think it's pretty stable and smooth. Anybody else here have a Lepton and a Rave? Aside from size, how do they compare with each other as far as stability goes. I'm just curious because there are some here posting that the Rave seems as smooth as a 500.

06-20-2009 03:40 PM  11 years ago



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Lepton is a much more stable 'BIG' heli.
The Rave is the best 450 size but it still feels like a much smaller heli.
I like both but they are VERY different.
I would take the Rave as a quick heli for small areas and the Lepton as a big stable heli in larger areas or windy days.

... Rob
06-20-2009 05:43 PM  11 years ago
Sky Dancer


Bryan, Texas

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I've found the Rave to be an outstanding heli to perform both precision hovering and 3D. The difference is in the setup. For hovering just use a small amount of total throw and the Rave is as gentle as an angel. For 3D full control really wakes it up.

As far as stability, I think most people think "a stable heli" is one that simply moves more slowly and gently to pilot commands.

When you setup a Rave with 4S/-10/350's, 71mm paddles, and run around 3200-3400 head speed, the Rave just sits there waiting for a command (like it's on a table). I occasionally fly in 25-30 mph winds and the Rave is simply a pleasure to fly.

Don C
Keep up your rotor speed !
06-20-2009 07:40 PM  11 years ago


Houston, TX

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I had a lepton, sold it and got a Rave so I did not fly them back to back. But to me, the Rave is every bit as smooth and stable as the Lepton. I say that because I didn't put any more expo on it and I just flew my Rave and I did not have to compensate at all for how it fly. So to me, if you are transitioning from a Lepton to a Rave, you will feel very at ease.
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