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06-18-2009 05:06 PM  11 years ago
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Benzine Trainer mods
About two years ago i crashed my Vario Acrobatic to the point that the expense of repairing it wasn't worth it. It was somewhere around $800-$900. I kept the good parts for my Benzine Trainers. Some of the parts are interchangeable. Anyway, a few weeks ago, not having anything to do, i thought maybe i would see if the Acrobatic head, with a 12mmm shaft would fit in the Benzine, which is 10mm. I'm figuring bigger is better. The Acrobatic top and bottom bearing blocks are the same as the Benzin, except for the bearing for the main shaft. I do the switch, and it works. The head is a little taller, and i had to lengthen the rods to the swash, but it fits. I haven't flown it yet, weather not cooperating. This also got me thinking what if i put the Acrobatic main gear, and the hollow flybar paddles on. I figure its not costing me anything, I have the parts. Anyone do any Trainer mods, like changing gears, paddles, etc.
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