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06-18-2009 07:44 AM  11 years ago
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Thorne Bay, AK

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Belt CP weak frame?
So my helicopter is finally flying again, making a happy camper, but now I'm noticing that the cyclic doesn't want to respond to starboard commands. It likes to go to port but when I give it starboard cyclic it's not moving the the swash plate very far. When I had it on the bench I noticed that the control arms were bending strangely with the cyclic commands at the point where those little plastic arms that connect the rods to the servo and swash are screwed into the frame. The frame is original unlike most of the other parts (I've crashed alot:rolleyes so I'm thinking maybe the frame is just weak and stripped out and needs replacing. My question is this: should I get a new frame, maybe carbon fiber, or should I try the direct link modification and get rid of all those useless control rods? I'm reasonably handy but I'm also new to this I don't want to do something irreparable to my precious heli. Any suggestions will be appreciated, sorry about the long post.
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06-18-2009 11:37 AM  11 years ago

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i used TT Mini Titan ( E-325 ) servo mounts to do the direct link mod on my belt and it helped a lot , the stock bellcranks just add a lot of slop

the Mini Titan servo mounts are only about$5.00 and not all that hard to install

also stiffer dampers really made a big difference

i would also try and see if there is binding in your system now , unhook the linkages and see if you can feel the problem , cheers

here is a link you might find usefull

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