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06-16-2009 06:24 AM  11 years ago
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san antonio, tx

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Another Mini-g question
I have a Mini-g on a 700 with a X9303 tx and 8900g servo. I have the gain on Aux2 at 100 (the max the radio will allow) and still no wag. I don't have a g-view available. Still getting a little drift so want to try higher gain.

How far out on the rudder servo are you guys connecting?

Also does anyone know how to setup aux 2 that will allow more than 100 for a gain setting? Am running a y harness now for gain signal and switchglo operation so have to stay in dual rate setting for switchglo to work. May I could keep switchglo on aux 2 using rudder dual rate to trigger. Then move gyro gain to aux 4 and assign aux 4 to the aux 2 three position switch and only use two of the three positions to switch from hh to rate mode. I think the end points for aux 4 could then be set up to a max of 150. Could also move switchglo to aux 4 but the other option on aux 2 is auto and it doesn't allow a setting of over 100 either. Any better way of doing it?
06-16-2009 06:44 AM  11 years ago


Sunnyvale, CA

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if you turn off the gyro function you can go up to 150 on aux2 using travel adj. On my setup, 150 is equivalent to 103 on the gview. i have a completely different heli but FWIW no wag here either even at that value. i'm 13mm out on a BLS251.

i had a drift problem myself but it was due to the tape i was using -> 3M heavy duty double sided tape you buy at the hardware store. It's much stiffer than the gyro type the miniG comes with. I bought some futaba gyro tape and used the layering recommended in the manual. drift is gone.
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06-16-2009 04:14 PM  11 years ago


Avon, CO

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I too had maxed out the gain in the gyro menu to 100 which was only 80 in the g-view. No wag but very odd expo behavior around center, whippy feeling and not perfect stops.

With the reassurance from CYE support and real world experience from guys like Inkspot I disabled the menu and ran endpoints. Once again I've run the gain up to 100 but this time its a true 100 in the g-view and all is well. Holds beyond belief, stops are crisp, piro rates equal and very predictable feel. I was hesitant to run a gain that high but CYE support was adamant that todays servos can handle it, especially if its something like a 9256 or bls251.

the mini-g just doesn't work to its fullest until you find your gain limit otherwise like me you'll be chasing your tail tweaking parameters and never get it solid.

TREX 700N Flybarless
06-16-2009 04:58 PM  11 years ago


Cranston Ri

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yup run the gain as high as it can go and use aux2 or gear not gyro sence, once it wags turn down a few points and go fly the snot out of it.

low gains will give you a wiping tail ,strange feeling on stick but it will not let it go, so just run the gain as high as you can
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterAlignT-REX 700N › Another Mini-g question

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