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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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I'm simply doing this cause I think it's cool so no need to remind about how useless it is.
My daily driver's an 84 jetta so there is no built in NAV or powerlocks. That's about to change now...

The ingredients:

Pico ITX embedded computer board with 1GHZ CPU

Powersupply to juice everything from the car battery

USB WIFI adapter
bluetooth module - the most important piece

16Ch USB servo controller

Any USB GPS, 3S lipo compatible regulator for the servos
4.3" touch screen LCD

The operating system;
Fedora Linux installed on a 16GB SSD HDD
4-5 standard size servos. I have a few Futaba 3151 servos kicking around and I just checked, they got more than enough power to pop the locks open.
I also need about 50 feet of wire for the servos.

The computer board is actually small enough to be invisible under the dash, I'll only have the LCD somewhere in the center console for GPS.

The reason there is a bluetooth, to open the car from my cell phone or any bluetooth device really. I'm trying to keep it safe tho so my car's bluetooth name is smokey and my password is 1234 for now. I can save the login info in my cell phone so when I hit the button on my phone, the doors unlock or lock

I just finished writing the program for it so this week I'll start installing it. I'll have it setup so that the computer turns on in the car every morning around 7-ish cause I leave for work around 7:30.(even if you don't turn the computer off it draws so little power that you're safe for a week without starting the car)

This way I'll have GPS, remote locks, and wifi just in case I park near a hot spot

If anyone's even remotely interested, I'll post a "build log" and a link to download the program to make it all work. Installing std size servos would prolly be an easy install on nearly any pre-90's car...

If the cell phone's not your thing, you could do it with RFID tags as well.
so when you get close it pops the locks, and locks them when you leave

No honey I got that used.... MAAC#73745

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fly be free



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hey whatever workd for you thats what counts
im trying to gather info on makeing a set of night vision goggles just for fun and i like makeing things
but not real good at electronics lol
good luck on your project

There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness.'

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