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Surrey, UK

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I'm in need of a new heli simulator - I had one years ago (I forget which one) but that requires a serial port adaptor which my current computer doesn't have...

I use a Mac mini running OS X 10.5.7, but I have XP installed through Bootcamp, so either OS is fine.
I have a Futaba 9CHP and a Raptor 30

What packages are available, where's good to buy from (UK if possible) and what cables will I need?

Thanks in advance.

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raptor4ever is a THIEF!!!

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My vote is for Phoenix... and it is sold out of the UK. I run it in BootCamp on a MacBook Pro, but it also runs nicely under VMWare Fusion. I just find I can run the Video settings full tilt under BootCamp, and it only takes a few seconds to boot over to it.

It runs better on my MacBook Pro in BootCamp then it did on my Dell Studio in Vista. Both the MacBook and the Studio are configured VERY similarly from a CPU, Memory, Video standpoint.

Phoenix is a one time buy, with all the future software add-ons and upgrades FREE!!!! They are in Beta on version 2.5 as I type. Should be out for release soon.

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