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06-07-2009 08:17 AM  9 years agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

Seattle, WA USA

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It's a free country, so you can do what you want of course. All it takes is one crackpot with an illegal high power base station on 6 meter and you're out of business. For that matter, all it takes is another 50Mhz TX module and you are out of business. And there are plenty of sources of odd, random, spurious RF in the LF band which you should know being a HAM and all. Your claim that the "potential for interference is pretty much nil" is not true at all. Meanwhile at IRCHA there were hundreds and hundreds of 2.4Ghz sets operating in harmony and simultaneously with no problems. The SS RF scheme and frequency and path diversity make them so much better and safer.

Okay, I'm done. It's not fair to the OP. rcflyer_09, my apologies and for what it is worth I think Dave's comments are right on. Best wishes with your setup.

06-07-2009 08:34 PM  9 years agoPost 22

rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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Considering that 1000w is legal on 6m, that is non-sequiter. That, and if it's a real ham, the band plan does not allow repeaters or other traffic in the segment of 6m designated for RC. So, short of a non-ham putting up a station on a freq. where he will get no contacts, and that being a very small chance, due to the width of the band . . . .

Yes, there is spurious noise in the VHF-low band (NOTE: 6 meters is *NOT* considered low band, it's still considered VHF . . . . ) those sources of noise are an issue if communication hundreds or thousands of miles. The close proximity of RC operation pretty much ensures a field strength at the RX that will negate those sources of noise in most cases.

Frankly, I think you chanced of getting blown out on 2.4 by radar are far greater . . . . or someone with a 2.4 jammer . . . just as illegal, but far more likely, since they have been seen for sale on the internet . . . .

Anyone who thinks that 2.4 is immune, is just plain naive . . . . There is a large thread on one of the "other" sites about numerous lockouts and crashes at Joe Nall this year on 2.4 . . . . perfect? Hardly . . . . just another alternative, with some pretty effective marketing . . . .

- Tim

Friends don't let friends become electrotarded . . . .

12-06-2009 10:07 AM  8 years agoPost 23
crash n' burn99


ottawa, canada

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I am sorry I cant help myself, But I wouldnt consider flying any of my heli's on 50 or 72. It is so plaugued with problems it is not even funny, as for shadowing, that is silly, these recievers get over a mile range on the ground. I the air it is a couple of miles. A 72 or 50 mghz radio may travel farther, but you will loose controll much closer because of glitching, interference that the reciever is unable to deal with. Anybody that has flown a cheap electric heli knows this.

I can fly my 2.4 radio standing beside another 2.4 device. I would like to se you fly within a mile of a house with a ham setup.

Been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and Everybody has a 2.4 Jammer!!

Come on man!

Do proctologists chew there finger nails when there nervouse?

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