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samsung makes a lot of cheaper full qwerty phones. so does LG. if you're not looking for a powerhouse phone, just grab one that is easy to use for you and fits your pricepoint.

as for the apple bashing...

i can UNDERSTAND how someone might have such an opinion on apple or the iphone to be specific, but what you're missing out on is the larger picture of consumerism. apple offers a superior product for MOST people. they can't do "everything". but they don't pretend they can either. from a design standpoint, they are world leaders, offering easy to use products that are as beautiful as they are functional.

the iPhone doesn't have as many features as a blackberry because apple designers and engineers take a slower route, creating an intuitive and beautiful GUI for every step of their programming. for most people, the touch interaction provides a far more efficient means of phone usage.

as for apple owners being stupid, fairly naieve. most of the art and design world is running on apple, integrating seamlessly with the windows and linux engineering world. and now that alias and rhino have finally come out for os x, the whole design world is going to be going apple.

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[quote]But then Again as a MS Certified System Engineer for over 15 years I cannot stand Apples of any sort they all come off as super expensive toys for the stupid..

You mean folks like yourself?? You must really like that new Vista CRAP i'll take XP anyday
I don't have a mac pc as of now but my next one will be...

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