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Well it was to me.


I am Mr Moses Achili, one of they top staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) where all foreign funds are kept in a vault. After witnessing all manners of immorality and corruption going on in our banking sectors, I decided to strike a deal with the woman in charge of the Foreign Department Voucher to release the Bank Foreign Payment Confirmation Hard Disk with a promise to give her 7% after the owner of the funds must have claimed his/her funds. I entered into an agreement with my friend who works with a bank in London to assist me release this fund through their bank server by using the Confirmation hard disk, he accepted the offer in request of 10% percent of the total amount involved while my very self will settle down with 20% percent, the rest of the funds will be yours so are you in or out. I am presently in London with the confirmation disk waiting to hear from you for immediate release of your funds.

You may find it very difficult to understand but it is the truth, you should be wondering why after all the series of fees paid to conclude this transaction yet nothing was paid to you rather you keep spending to the extent of borrowing and selling off your properties to satisfy those crooks whom presented themselves as angels later turned out to be Wolves in sheep’s clothing. I don’t blame you for all the misfortune suffered in the hands of those crooks, there mode of opreration starts cooly then when you start paying to there series of on existing fees, taxes, levies and other unsolicited and abnormal fees, they will use different methods to enhance there tricks, most times they will instigate fake wire transfer which after some days they will prepare a stop order with another name, email and telephone number to extend there extortion. This crooks advanced to the level of impersonating on the name of the FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY COUNCIL, EFCC, POLICE FORCE and other paramilitary security organizations to intimidate there victims to keep paying them until either death or bankruptcy will stop you from patronizing them. Most times you will be issued with a debit card which you will withdraw some token amount, that will put you in state of confusion as they will use that opportunity to milk you dry or they will introduce a financier which also you will be the person to suffer it at the end of the day, there is nothing good about them

Finally, you should just give this benefit of doubt with utmost confidentiality, you have the right to come in person if you desire, documents of fund relocation will be issued, it will enable you fill all the genuine obligation guiding this transaction. I wish to reiterate you that, you will continue spending until you get crazy about the whole issue but now you have the opportunity to get your funds within three days of full filling the rightful obligation once for ever. Don’t expose this secret rather use it to save yourself from further mess in the hands of your captors. You will be adviced on what to provide once you respond to this mail.

Best regards,
Mr Moses Achili
+44 70457 28716

Came to my inbox, but caught as spam, Wander why?

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Why not toy around with the thieving, lying mind of this 'wealthy' Nigerian clown? It can be an amusing way to wile away an afternoon or two.


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Free Laptop to Every Child = More Nigerian Spam
This is what you get when you give out a free laptop to every child. Pun intended.

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