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I'd just like to say thanks to all the QUARK owners who have posted so many helpful threads regarding this super helicopter. On the strength of these posts, I purchased a QUARK, upgraded to TP LiPo's and to be honest, I am having a such a great time flying this little machine. What a difference to have a relaxed, enjoyable and fun time. Just being able to fly the machine, both indoors and outdoors and not worrying about the repair bills and the rebuilds (OK... I do occasionally have to replace the main blades - which takes about five minutes). I only wish that this had been my first helicopter.
If there is anyone reading this that is just starting out in this hobby, I couldn't recommend a better first helicopter with which to learn. I am aware that this is certainly not the cheapest model but believe me, you get so much bang for your buck and as I said, such a blast to fly.

Again, many thanks to you guys.


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Latham, NY

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You (and everyone else) are welcome

It is indeed a good heli to "learn" on, but for some of us who have a few differennt birds, it is just purely relaxing to fly it as the stress is not there! though I do kinda miss the adreneline rush from the fear of crashing... LOL, but I have 5 other helis for that !


If you get good at it, around battery pack charge/flight 15, try changing the settings to "Advanced" its a whole new animal

well, still a kitten, but has claws

Fly it like its a Sim, Crash it like yer Rich !

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