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06-04-2009 10:02 AM  9 years agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

The Golden STATE

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First of all... is your heli balanced? I'm taking a shot in the dark, but it sounds to me like your possibly nose heavy forcing you into FF by subcontiously adjusting with more collective while anticipating to compensate for the drop leading your heli to go faster. If your chasing your heli around at hover then that could very well be your problem. Otherwise, what your describing is perfectly normal to some pilots in which stick time will only fix.


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06-04-2009 05:21 PM  9 years agoPost 22



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Plain and simple, YOU fly the heli, you're the one in control. Like others have said: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! It takes time to master these contraptions. Some people are just natural at flying, others like me have to work at it. Burn fuel!!!!!

Damn that ground is hard! When's the right time to get out of this money sucking hobby?

06-18-2009 06:30 AM  9 years agoPost 23


Culpeper, Va

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Practice and Sim time
I've been into heli's on and off since 1999 an steady back into since 2006. Had a CP-Pro and never ready mastered it. Sold it and got a B400 but was affraid of crashing and never really pushed myself to really fly the heli. I can hover in all orienations but couldn't do figure 8's or and circuits. Got a new CP-Pro2 and I've been flying the heck out of it and pushing myself with learning figure 8's. Sold the B400 and now with the CP-Pro2 I'm getting the figure 8's down and making great progress. Seems like a step back going from a B400 to a CP-Pro2 but I'm not affraid of crashing the CP-Pro2 and that fear of crashing is gone. I've always told myself that if I can fly a CP-Pro I can fly anything. Practice, practice and more practice and sim time is the only way you can really master heli's. Learn to control your heli and practice with a mission. It will come and learning to fly slow will in the long run make you a better heli pilot. Keep practicing.....

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06-18-2009 02:22 PM  9 years agoPost 24


Melbourne, Victoria - Australia

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Collective is really your power/speed control, reduce your collective and then use elevator to maintain altitude , the heli will slow down.

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06-25-2009 01:48 PM  9 years agoPost 25


Kings Lynn , Norfolk , UK

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Slow circuits feel harder than fast ones as you are now making more demands on yourself to be more precise with your placement of the heli.
your problem is that you need more sim time, no one can advise or tell you anything that you don't already know if you are correct in saying that you can fly around fast all day and can hover in all orientations. it's all about getting the correct amount of stick input
nose-in hover helps as you have to learn just how much aft input you need to not give yourself an haircut. get on the sim and practice very low circuits the ground will restrict how much input you can apply without contact. you'll be fine just keep at it.

06-25-2009 02:38 PM  9 years agoPost 26

rrKey Veteran


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Can only fly fast = The Heli is flying you
Can fly slow = You are flying the heli

Keep at it.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Why cant I fly slowly????
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