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T-REX 450 › Will parts from Trex 450SE V2 work on SA and after market parts
04-25-2009 02:50 PM  9 years agoPost 1


Blue Springs, MO USA

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Hi, I recently crashed my Trex 450 SA and damaged several pieces of the head assembly and the tail assembly.

I see that their is an CNC metal version 450SE V2 for both the head assembly and tail assembly I was wondering if these would work on my 450 SA?

Also I see a lot of knock off brands running around for these parts such as copter X and others on EBay. Are these parts good.

I am just getting started into helis and I am not into 3D yet or any time soon.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you,


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04-25-2009 06:03 PM  9 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Ft. Worth, Tex.

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The 450SA is the old 450SE V1, you can upgrade the head if you put the whole head on, the 450SE V2 had a 4mm feathering shaft, the 450SE V1 and 450SA has a 3mm feathering shaft, some of the parts you can upgrade your 450SA to the new stuff as long as it does not haft to do with the blade grips and head. Bobby

04-25-2009 06:27 PM  9 years agoPost 3


Bernalillo, New Mexico USA

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I recently acquired SA with the V2 head and tail. I will probably swap out the grips and feather shaft to the stock SA parts as they fail easier in a crash, preventing more costly repairs.

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04-25-2009 07:09 PM  9 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran

Stockton, CA United States

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The short answer is: yes.

A whole head assembly, whether SE V1 or SE V2 will work on an SA. Just like BJacks said, the V1 and V2 heads have different feathering shafts and blade grips so that may dictate which head assembly you buy. Both are good and the V1 head is probably the more solid of the 2. You don't really need the thrust bearings in the blade grips and the V1 head seems more problem free (especially with the dampeners) than the V2 head. I own both styles of heads.

The same goes with the tail. You can buy after market upgrades and these should all fit as well.

We haven't seen Colonel Angus around these parts for years!

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T-REX 450 › Will parts from Trex 450SE V2 work on SA and after market parts
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