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04-25-2009 01:12 AM  10 years ago
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raptor 50 parts for sale & misc stuff for sale
Everything that I am selling works as it did when it was brand new. If anything is wrong with the item, I will list it. Like the paddles and the tail rotors. Prices are always without shipping unless I specify. To see if there will even be a shipping charge, I will need your zip code from you. If it is not much to ship, then no shipping charges. If it is a lot to ship, then at least some of it you will need to pay for shipping. I prefer to use USPS to ship with but if you really would like to use Fed Ex or UPS, I would also do them as well. You can also send me a prepaid shipping label via email that I can print out and put on the package. I PREFER TO BE PAID BY USING PAYPAL BY ACCOUNT BALANCE ONLY. NOT BY USING YOUR CREDIT CARD THREW PAYPAL CUZ THEN I GET SOCKED WITH A FEE!!! I would also take a money order or cashiers check but I would ship the item after the money order or cashiers check cashes into my bank account to be sure that they are valid. Insurance can be put on the shipments if you would prefer.

Pv0358 clutch bell $12

Pv0360 starter shaft $5

Red Flybar seesaw ak0004 $6

Pv0002 flybar control arm $6

Pv0004 mixing levers $6

Pv0011 wash out set $7

Pv0015 aileron lever $6

White TAIL ROTOR BLADES $2 a little dinged up but are fine.

remote green sensor $15

Muffler $30

(picture doesn't show the other fin but I do have it.)

.HOBBICO 72mhz FREQUENCY CHECKER WITH ANTENNA AND CARRYING CASE $55 shipped if you live in the u.s.



servo $6

Fm receiver with crystal channel 54 $15

I have the EF Sabre transmitter as well for $10 but it does not have the battery pack in it. You will have to get your own.

I have an AC wall plug that plugs into the back of the EF Sabre transmitter for $1 to charge the battery pack while it is in the transmitter.

main blades, main blades are good but the center piece which the main blades connect to has a ball bonded on that broke off before. center part is free anyways. $2

I have the main motor and tail motor both work like new still.
main motor $20
tail motor $10

I have 2 black paddles for this electric heli $2

Misc. stuff for sale

home made little houses, churches, bird houses with rocks and sea shells on them, all $35 a peice except for the cd/dvd holder which is $45

Iomega external hard drive, hi-speed usb 2.0, 7200rpm, 250gb, only used like 3 times, in brand new condition $180

Two 6x9 speakers, they are Phase Linear speakers, PLRS69
They are barely used, I bought them to replace my old burnt out speakers in the doors of my ram but never used them. I found a different pair i wanted to use instead so they are still perfectly fine and work great! $15

Magliner Gemini Senior Convertible Hand Truck
2 in 1 tuck converts from 2 to 4 wheels in seconds.
1000 lb capacity as a cart, 500 lb capacity as a Hand truck.
Deck in cart position measures 51" x 12". Weighs 45 lbs.
Magliner Stair Climbers C5
Heavy Duty Cast Magnesium Sliders
with replacable low friction polymer
skid bars Tough and quiet.
type u nose castor locks
The pics have a red circle around what this one has on it. If no red circle, then the whole picture is what it is.
costs $400 brand new
this one is used. asking price $320 or best offer

I have a dodge ram jack for changing your tire that comes with the truck from the factory. I can’t use it obviously because I have a lift kit on my truck. $12

98 Dodge Ram 4x4 3/4 ton V-10 8.0 L 2500 regular cab 8' bed loaded with power windows, locks, mirrors, drivers seat, back sliding rear window tinted limo black, side windows tinted 50%,interior is grey and in good condition, kept clean, oil changes and other maintenance kept up to proper time maintenance, 4 1/2" skyjacker suspension lift kit with 3" body lift. still has the power and torque when I bought it brand new, I specialty ordered this truck so I am the only owner, cd player radio and regular speakers. had all brand new ball joints, gear box, tie rods, and steering knuckes put on, sprayed in bed liner which I got ASAP after I got the truck so there is no rusting of the bed, 115,500 miles,
I would like to keep my rims and tires and my lug nuts/locking nuts. So you would need your own lug nuts too. I did not beat on this truck and it is in good shape for a 98. I only took it off road once but was easy on it. I lifted it only for show!!! She's been taking cared of!!
I need $5,000 min in order to pay off my lean against it so I can sell it to you.

call 5862421384 If you call, Please leave a message for I do not answer restricted or unknown phone numbers.


1 stick of ram 512mb 3200+ speed ddr sdram $25

3 monitors, 1 Gateway 2000 monitor white $40, 1 dell monitor beige $40, 1 more white monitor $40=============all are in good condition and work fine.

I have a Nintendo, the original first one that came out with the gun and 2 controllers and a wireless controller with about 8 games including duck hunt and Mario brothers. $100

I have the old Atari system with about 24 games and paddle controls as well as stick controls and racing controls. $100

I have an F-16 Combat Stick that connects to your computer for flying games. $10

And soon up for sale is!!?? YES YOU GEUSSED IT!!?? THE KITCHEN SINK!!!! LOL!!!


I might have other pictures of what ever you are considering to buy, so ask me.

Any Takers

PM me or better yet, email me!!



If you live near Clinton Twp. Michigan, I work on computers.
From troubleshooting & repair to upgrading, networking,building you a computer to fit your needs, make you business cards and more! Teaching you things on computers that you have always wanted to know.
It is $30 an hour plus 50 cents per mile to and from your place and for going to pick up parts from the store. $100 one time fee to build you a pc instead of $30 an hour. Setup and instruction to you at your place is then free. Although mileage to and from your place for setup is 50 cents per mile. I also have used computer parts for sale. If I can not fix your computer, you only have to pay me for miles driven to and from your place.

Need your bushes/shrubs outside trimmed? Plus clean up?
5862421384 If you call, Please leave a message for I do not answer restricted or unknown phone numbers.

/PICT0073-6054.jpg[/PHOTO] /PICT0077-6076.jpg[/PHOTO] /PICT0083-6097.jpg[/PHOTO] /PICT0086-6116.jpg[/PHOTO] //3-29-09_(2).jpg[/PHOTO] /3-29-09_(21).jpg[/PHOTO]
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Home🏬Classified✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterClassifieds - Fuel Helicopters Sold  raptor 50 parts for sale & misc stuff for sale
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