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Richmond, Va. - USA

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I recently converted my Futaba 9CHP standard radio over to 2.4Ghz technology by installing the Spektrum module and purchasing an AR7000 receiver. I also decided to convert the heli battery from Nimh to Lipo. I purchased the Align 2-in-1 regulator and a 5000 mah Lipo. My question is simple. I've heard that the small switch on the Align regulator is kind of weak and can easily be broken by switching it on and off a lot. So I want to leave it on all the time and power everything through my regular heli heavy-duty switch. I think I can figure out the wiring but I heard somewhere that the heli switch has some kind of capacitor or resistor in it. I heard this because I couldn't bind my new receiver with the radio using that switch. I was following the instructions in the Spektrum manual for binding. When it didn't work, I was about to send it back when someone told me to not use my heli switch and just connect directly. That worked fine and I got them to bind. So if there really is something inside of that switch, will I have problems with my Align 2-in-1 if I go through the switch? Has anyone done this?

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mustang, ok. USA

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to bind through the switch harness you need all three wires. is your switch a two wire system (red/black) if so the bind wont work. you would indeed need to bind with the plug directly in an open channel of the reciever. It should work just fine to use the extra switch if you dont mind another mechanical device in your electronics. i have used the 2-in-1's for almost a year with no problems with the switches. I have 1-old style, and two new styles. no probs with any.

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04-24-2009 01:30 AM  9 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Sterling Heights, MI - USA

My Posts: All  Forum  Topic would indeed need to bind with the plug directly in an open channel of the reciever.
This is not correct. The bind plug must be connected to the BATT connector. The power may be connected anywhere during the bind process.

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Steff Giguere


St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada

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Just to let you know, that yes some people have had problems with the Align 2 in 1, but their has also been a lot of people that does not. I have mine in my T-Rex 600 Npro and have 285 flights with it in an 18 month period and have had no problems and would not go back to glow extension.

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The two 2N1 regulators I have, work fine, going on two seasons now. If you're worried about that little switch, Ron Lund has a simple and effective fix...

The bind port on your receiver has three pins. Whatever you hook up to it to bind with, has to be able to connect the two outer pins together. If you have a switch harness plugged into that port (it doubles as the battery port) the harness needs to bring out those two wires to your binding plug so it can connect them together.


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