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Logo 500 › Gyro Settings? (Spartan ds760/Logo 500 3D)
04-23-2009 06:44 PM  9 years agoPost 1
HeliMan Dave


Suburban Chicago

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Hey guys.

Does anyone have info. on Spartan ds760 gyro settings (especially gain) for the Logo 500 3D?

My Specs:

Scorpion 4025-1100 on 6s

Jive 100+LV

153t main gear

15t pinion

Tail is on a s9254.

Radio is Spektrum DX7



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04-24-2009 01:09 AM  9 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Victoria - Australia

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I use the aux 2 and gyro gain menu. On my logo 700 its 82% in idle up mode and 83% in normal mode.

You will know if its too low by doing backwards loop the tail will blow out. You will know its too high if the piros are incosistent and acting strange.

I did not use the prog software, just set the points and direction with the radio.
Its pretty easy.

Also FYI the tail does not need +8deg pitch at centre position if you only used HH mode. This is in the FAQ on spartan website.
I just centre the slider on the shaft.

04-24-2009 01:48 AM  9 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran


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IMHO, you don't need to do anything besides the basic setup in the manual. Gain can be adjusted via your radio. I have the USB link, but have never played w. the settings.

Life is tough, it's tougher if you're stupid

04-24-2009 02:12 AM  9 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Minnesota, USA

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Hi Dave,

I fly a Logo 500 flybarred with 4025-1100 and 85 mm tail blades. I fly my tail with conservative settings (not blazing fast like some).

Here are the contents of my gyro file:

Application version=107
Firmware version=108
Memory Map version=2
User comments=
High endpoint=85
Low endpoint=90
Midpoint trim=0
Rudder stick deadband=5
[Mode 1 (Rate Mode)]
Rudder exponential=-50
[Mode 2 (AVCS Mode)]
Acceleration profile=15
Deceleration profile=15
Clockwise stop gain=100
Counter clockwise stop gain=100
Rudder exponential=-50
Rudder sensitivity=120

I wasn't happy with the way it flew until I turned up the sensitivity a bit. Now it functions very much like my Futaba 611s in that I run my rudder endpoints in my transmitter at 110%.

I'm now running my gain at 65% (that's 30% for Futaba) in my DX7. But I'm flying at 2320 rpm. When I was flying at 2100 rpm last year, I was running the gain at 68% (that's 36% for Futaba).

I fly with both gyro settings the same because I have no need for rate mode. I always fly in heading hold.

Good luck with your setup. It sounds like you're just about ready to take her up. I can't wait until I'm there on my 600, but it's taking forever.

Keep 'em flying.

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04-24-2009 03:49 AM  9 years agoPost 5
HeliMan Dave


Suburban Chicago

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Thanks helicraze, FlaG8r and LJS.

I think I'll be using the gear channel to adjust my gain in the DX7 (like I've done for my 550 Raptor & mini-Titan)

I have my other Spartan (in a Trex 250) at 24 (on the DX7) but I figured that's a whole different ballgame so that number is meaningless in my Logo.

I have a friend that has the USB programmer so I can change any settings but I wanted to have a base setting to start with.

I saw that +8 degree pitch suggestion in the manual. I think mine looks more like 5 degrees so I'm glad it's no big deal in HH mode. I'm not sure if I should reduce my endpoints like LJS or try it as is first.

My target HS is 2300-2400 unless you guys think I should start slower at something like 2100-2200 for my first dozen flights.

Diabolo 700UL / Logo 700 / 600 / 500 V-Bar NEO / Oxy 2 / Blade 180CFX / mCPX BL / Nano / V-Control

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Logo 500 › Gyro Settings? (Spartan ds760/Logo 500 3D)
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