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04-23-2009 04:41 PM  10 years ago



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I have associated that behaviour to the way gyro compensate for the... not sure what... LOL

When I do back flip (360) half way through it nose goes to the right (helicopter's right, my left - while in nose in inverted). When set as good as I can (it's 401 on MT with S9257) it manages to compensate variations in HS and when I finish it - it is at right place. If not set properly - then slightly to the left (nose).

In forward flip - it goes to the left while ending flip with nose slightly to the right.

In stationary roll to the left - I end up with tail to down. In stationary flip with tail slightly up (nose down).

And all these - less vibrations I have, higher HS is, less bogging through the manoeuvre, very little slop in tail, fast servo - less I notice this happening. The moment I lower HS, tail gets worked out (slop appears) - it starts being more visible...

Is it the same thing, maybe?

I am flying thumbs but Mode 1 and I tried with lots of EXPO (started with 15-20% and gave up when set more than 50%), had people standing next to me watching my thumbs, deliberately adding negative expo to expose it even more and nothing changed (higher HS, more silicone grease on tail, tightened parts that introduced slop up to before tail wagging helped more)
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04-23-2009 05:54 PM  10 years ago


Socorro, NM - USA

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It just comes down to you being able to make small adjustments throughout the maneuvers. There is no such thing as a perfect heli or perfect flying conditions (wind, thermals and such). So you have to compensate. I would assume that doing the moves in stages would allow you to learn how to adjust things as you go. So flip it forward and make a single calculated adjustment to get it level again. Flip it back over and adjust again. Rinse and repeat. Soon you will be able to adjust on the fly, per se - Chris

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04-24-2009 01:08 PM  10 years ago

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I agree with TJinGuy. Multiple stationary (low or not) flips/rolls are difficult (especially smooth ones). Took me forever to get decent at them. As I got better at inverted hovering and flight it became easier as I can now correct when upright or inverted. I have helis that are set up great and a beater or two that I really don't spend a lot of time on and I roll and flip just about the same on both. It almost always boils down to the pilot in my opinion.I was Spektrum when Spektrum wasn't cool
04-24-2009 11:27 PM  10 years ago



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Interesting nobody has mentioned phasing yet... an offset of just 1 deg will do exactly what the OP stated... the tail won't be aligned with the heli's initial position. On the other hand, having a tail problem (not holding properly) will appear as a corkscrewing flip ie the disc will appear more and more out of the horizontal position on each half flip.

Bottom line:

Tail out of alignment = phasing

Disc out of alignment = tail/gyro


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04-25-2009 12:41 AM  10 years ago


UK. Herts

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Agreed, BUT I'm also thinking it may be due to gyroscopic precession errors as a result of the way in which the gyro is mounted. I had similar problems a few years ago on an SL720 in a very rigid carbon framed heli. There were some issues with hammer blows from hard cyclic inputs and the vibes were being transmitted to the gyro with the result that in simple roll and flip manouvers, the gyro was being upset.Vegetable rights and Peace
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