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04-05-2009 11:17 PM  9 years agoPost 1
welsh heli



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tuning trouble . old carb was perfect until it started jamming, replaced with new type carb . cant tune out flat spot in middle of the range . running 2 turns on the high needle flush with the bottom needle have tried all settings includind opening 3d needle from 1 turn to 2 1/4 turns to no avail its so bad governor is setting gyro off all the time .am running hattori 523on 20% nitro . any help would be greatful as is planning to bin the load of crap

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04-06-2009 01:37 AM  9 years agoPost 2


Plymouth, IN 46563

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What brand nitro? I have seen where the 53 runs the best on coolpower 30 and if you use wildcat you probly need to shim the head. Just my 2 cents from what I have seen at my flying field.

Dan Lowry

Thunder Tiger Rep

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04-06-2009 12:44 PM  9 years agoPost 3
welsh heli



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i was running rapicon 20% with 23%oil . it was ok but cheap fuel and run rich in all my helis then changed to optifuel and all the rest run perfect but the redline still run like crap on the optifuel 20%

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04-06-2009 02:07 PM  9 years agoPost 4


The Villages, Florida

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Try experimenting with different glo plugs of various heat ranges until you stumble on the one that fits the bill.....

04-06-2009 03:44 PM  9 years agoPost 5
fgf no



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Please post back if you find a solution....

I am having the same problem with my redline.Running 20% nitro and the hatori 523,it pulls 14* of pitch on my Vibe 50 no problem, so top end is good, but I just cant get it to run good midrange.
I have tried Enya 3,and Enya 4,seems to be the same. I also tried one more shim 0,4mm, which seemed to help some, but still not happy with the midrange. It also seems I am running richer than what other people do, I am just over 3 turns on the main, but if I lean it further it only gets hotter with no increase in power, the engine seems happy with this setting, good top end,and no heating issues, flight time is around 8,5 mins. on the main tank at 2100 headspeed.


04-06-2009 04:19 PM  9 years agoPost 6

rrElite Veteran

sierra madre, ca- usa

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I have been running mine over a year with zero problems.
Try these setting:

My settings

coolpower 30%
2050 headspeed
Low needle 1/4 turn OUT from flush
High needle 2 turns out
Hatori 523
Carb Smart set at 110C
70%gain on CS
CS set for FULL travel with no binding

Do the pinch test for idle, try and get a 7 count before it speeds up to die, the CS will compensate when needed.

I am able to run the low a little rich and have the CS compensate until it heats up. 2 turns is MID point on CS it will go leaner and richer if needed. It will only go leaner when idling and getting up to temp. IMHO the Carb Smart is really needed on this engine. DO NOT touch the hidden 3rd needle.

You should be able to pull 13deg pitch with no problem.

Your results may vary depending on Altitude, humidity and fuel.

Forget using extra shims, keep the shims in that come from the factory, dont add anymore.

**Unattended children will be givin a shot of espresso and a puppy**

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