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What's the advantage in between 3 p. 90° and 3 p. 120 degrees swashplate mixing.
I can see 3 p. 120 degrees, three servers split the workload.
I'm really curious.

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rrElite Veteran


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hi togglejockey

i see you are interested in a Vario , they are very nice machines , mine came ready for either three or four servo setup ( it's a Vario~ASI mix mash - purple frankencoptor )

four servo @ 90 degrees

three servo @ 90 degrees

or three servo @ 120 degrees

i read up on it , using the search function here on RR and decided to go with three servo @ 120 degree

here are a few photos of my setup

the swash plate on mine has locations for all three setups and 135 degrees also ( 90 , 120 and 135 degree )

i feel that four servo 90 is a bit harder to setup correctly , it is easy to have binding ( servos fighting each other ), and it takes an extra servo

three servos won't bind , or fight each other like four will , and i feel as you do , that three servos @ 120 degrees share the load

a good thought experiment is think of a large circular platform with someone standing in the middle , you and two friends decide to lift it , if you position yourselves every 120 degrees around the edge , you will all lift the same amount of weight

now think about the three servo 90 degree setup , the two men opposite each other are carrying all the weight , and the man that is between those two ( elevator ) is really just steadying the platform

where this gets interesting , is with three matched servos , the two that are loaded will probably take longer to move to the new position than the single servo that is not loaded

of course i have never tried a three servo @ 90 degree setup , so this is all just a thought game , and of coarse i could be all wet , but i thought i would toss in my 2¢


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rrKey Veteran

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3 and 4 servo 90 degree set-ups do not bind and have less interaction out of all the eCCPM set-ups. The odd part about a 3 servo 90 degree set-up is the elevator only has one servo which tends to make it a little "looser" feeling where as the 4 servo 90 degree setup has the other elevator servo to help hold it better, kinda the two hands are better than one theory. The opposite servo(s) don't "slow" each other down they just add resolution. The eRaptor 550 and 620, both of which i have, use a 3 servo 90 degree eCCPM and while it works fine I didn't like that the elevator felt looser so I went to the 135 degree swash (TT refers to it as 140 degree though!) for one because it suppost to have less interaction than 120 and two it made both aileron and elevator feel the same. More even I guess.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterGasser Model RC HelicoptersOther › 3 Servo CCPM setup
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