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04-03-2009 02:52 AM  9 years agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

Buckley WA

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If you dont want to rebuild it , I would do it for you send me the motor and parts and I will have it back to you and ready to fly in a week....It is real simple.....just note which way every thing is pointing and put back together in reverse order.....mark the top front of the piston and note which way the the chamfered edge on the rod goes, note the liner and ring position(usually a notch in the grove)

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04-03-2009 09:13 PM  9 years agoPost 22

rrKey Veteran

Jacksonville, FL

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thats cool as hell. it makes me smile seeing that even with all the BS deals going on, that there are some awesome guys all over. thanks for being one of those guys.

ten grand in helis and all i can do is hover

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04-05-2009 08:48 AM  9 years agoPost 23

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I know nothing about rebuilding an engine. I will have to do some homework first and look over some videos including what 'dood' has already provided. I also don't have the tools to pull off such a project so I don't see this happening anytime soon but most definately sometime in the near future.
I am happy to assist as well.
I have rebuilt several engines, it would be a piece of cake!

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04-05-2009 04:51 PM  9 years agoPost 24

rrKey Veteran

Cudahy, WI

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....I was bent out of shape because that's like $200 down the drain and only had 8 gallons through it.....
8 gallons is about time for a new rear bearing anyhow.
Is it possible that the rear bearing went and allowed a wobble of the crank causing the gyroscopic forces to break the fan?

Since you mentioned low compression, I'll bet that some debris went thru the engine. It looks like you have an air filter on the carb so it should not be bits of fan. The next likely culprit is the rear bearing.
If there were debris thru the engine it will take out the piston and ring, usually the cylinder liner, and sometimes the head.

Start by pulling the head off and see what the top of the piston looks like.

Jeff Borowski
RAMS Club President

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