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04-03-2009 05:53 PM  9 years agoPost 41


Santa Clarita,California,U SA

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I was at the field with Rock. If I recall, and I do very well, I dont remember him crashing!

He did a nice auto and all was well. User error - I dont think so! He and I just wanted to know what happened to his FM.

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04-03-2009 06:04 PM  9 years agoPost 42

rrElite Veteran

Canyon Country, CA, USA, 3rd Rock from the Sun

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When my heli crashes, I'll be sure to blame the FM though.
Well apparently you have never heard of root cause analysis. And your sarcastic remark leads one to believe that you have poor reading skills too.

The engine flamed out because the fuel magnet deteriorated and a piece of the foam was found in the fuel filter. After it flamed out I autoed it in for a completely non-eventful landing. (Read - no crash.) I am not shrugging my shoulders and "blaming" the fuel magnet without any evidence - it very simply was the root cause.

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04-03-2009 07:53 PM  9 years agoPost 43


Glenview, Illinois

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I said crash, never said you crashed. Why must you argue with everything I say?

Randy, never said he crashed. I said when I crash.

Man you guys are sensitive here! Get off your high horse and listen to another person besides yourselves for once.

Sorry I disagreed with you, I will run to mu shop and rip out my FM. They are so horrible!

The hard truth? Check your fuel lines, may save you a motor or two next time around.

I won't bother commenting on your threads since you are so close minded.

04-03-2009 10:10 PM  9 years agoPost 44

rrElite Veteran

sierra madre, ca- usa

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Man you guys are sensitive here! Get off your high horse and listen to another person besides yourselves for once
opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one.

We are a tight knit group, and everyone here is EXCELLENT builders. We never would have gotten involved with Synergy's if we didnt know what we are doing. Not saying they are hard, just not a beginners heli. They require HIGH attention to detail but pay-off with incredible flight characteristics. Rock is such a builder and you keep spouting user error. If you knew him you would never say that. I have seen you give NO advice but critisism instead.

And BTW, once you have enough experience, you too at some point will have a magnet disintigrate on you. It happens and not a dam thing you can do about it. Some happen sooner than others but it happens.

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04-03-2009 10:39 PM  9 years agoPost 45

rrKey Veteran

Southern, California

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I didn't scoll through all of these threads and read them. I'm sure your already know this, if you're using a fuel magnet, at the end of the day don't empty your tank. Leave enough fuel in the tank to cover the magnet. The magnet will last longer that way.

I replace my magnets about every 3 months and haven't had issues with them.

Hope you sort it out.



Two G-4's & X50's YS60SR,Futaba 18SZ/12Z/14FG, ,Rail Blades Rep

04-04-2009 01:15 PM  9 years agoPost 46

rrElite Veteran

Granville, OH

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Rock - I'm doubting the foam disintegrated in only two flights. (Not saying it can't happen (anything is possible), but it just seems unlikely.)

However, what COULD have happened is the foam was damaged during fuel up. If fuel is forced too quickly into the magnet, the foam can be punctured and small pieces of it could rip off. If you are using a high powered electric pump system you might want to consider toning it down a bit or if you are using a hand pump don't crank the handle at super speed.

Been using a magnets for 3 flying seasons on helis that use muffler pressure and have yet to have one fall apart. I do replace the magnets each season, but as long as they are kept wet, tanks are purged of exhaust gasses after every flight and you don't go crazy trying to fill up the tank fast you should have no problems.

After 3 seasons of filling the tank up after every flight, I tried the OS bubbless clunk to try and get away from that procedure. Unfortunately I didn't end up liking the results. Seemed like it wanted to make my muffler pressure fuel delivery system go more lean during a flight than with the magnet so I went back to what worked for me.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterSynergy R/COther › Flamed out again - Due to fuel magnet this time and not me!
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