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I'm thinking of building a T-rex 600 scale heli and wanted to know about flight time and battery life. What is the average flight time of a electric scale heli ,and how long will a battery last

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rrElite Veteran

Mesa AZ. USA

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I am getting about 7 minutes of scale flying on my 500E (Trex600) with the Air Thunder 6s 5000 packs. Oh and these packs are all on their 2nd season

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Plymouth, IN 46563

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I had a t-rex 600e and use the FlightPower EVO25 5000mah 6s LiPo Batt. I fly for 5 min 30 sec and put back 3800-3900 mahs.

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I have a Funkey MD-500E with Trex 600ESP mechanics. I use a Tanic 6S 5000 mAh battery and I can fly for 9 minutes no problem. I have the head speed dialed down to 1600 RPM, this helps conserve battery energy and it flies great. If you fly these mechanics at 2000 RPM head speed you will only get about 6 minute flights. Flight time will allways depend on your setup and flying style.

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rrKey Veteran

Cypress, Tx. USA

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Electric all the way!!!
I am running two T600E's one is for Sport/AP flying and the other for Scale. Both are running at 7 minutes straight with 30 seconds of safe time (meaning this will give me an extra 30 seconds before reaching the 75% mark, since i try and never even get close to the 80%) On average i put back 3400-3600 mah on Thunder Power 6s 5000mah batteries. I have two and i take my charger to the field. My routine is fly the first pack out first, then after about 10 minutes of cooling it goes on the charger for charging which usually only takes about 1 hour and 23 minutes to fully charge on a Thunder Power 610C charger. While that battery is charging I usually fly my Trex 450 which has 3 batteries and can fly for about 4 minutes with hard 3D. This takes most of the time while flying and hanging with my buddies and watching them fly. At this point i go ahead and fly the second battery that was already charged and by the time i am done the first battery is usually finished charging and now i can fly it as well for my last flight of the day so i get 2 600E flights back to back for a total of 3 flights at 7 minutes each which is a total of 21 minutes on the 600E. This is my normal routine and i really enjoy it. i used to fly nitro and hated the noise, mess, tuning etc... I had to get used to the little bit shorter flight times right at first, but now i love it and would never go back!

Hope all of this info helps you understand what the difference in flying nitro verse electric entails.


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WrenFlyerrrVeteran - Mississippi - My Posts: All  Forum  Topic

I'm flying a Trex 600E in a Hughes 500E as well. 10 minute flight times are no problem.

The setup:

Neu 1907/1Y/H (1400 Kv motor)
CC HV-85
10 tooth pinion
1430 HS with Maverick 620 blades
6S 5000 Ma batteries
3858 back in after 10 minutes.

Here's the graph:

Here's a short flight just to give an idea of how 1430 HS flies.

Watch at YouTube

Mr. Haney

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Plymouth, IN 46563

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WrenFlyer very nice. The lights really set it off.

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