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03-31-2009 08:23 AM  9 years agoPost 1
Phoenix Flyer-2


Adelaide, Australia.

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Hi All,
I have a BW stratus but im running the black tail gears. After i re built it after it exploded. i went to fly it and it had some mad vibes.
Today i noticed that when i spin the gears over ( with the boom out of the frame) there is a tight spot. Would this cause a bad vibe?
And do you have any other suggestions?.

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03-31-2009 08:44 AM  9 years agoPost 2


clagiraba, queensland, australia

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dont run the black gears ,if its a genuine bw stratus you should have one plastic white gear and one metal derilin gear.

03-31-2009 09:19 AM  9 years agoPost 3


Allentown USA

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Adding in another suggestion for the white delrin / metal gear combo. It was standard on mine.

It sounds like you definitely want to reset the gear lash on the tail.

If you haven't done it before, here's how I was told by an MA rep.

Pull the tail box out, loosen the set screws near the torque tube coupler and push the black/white gear away from the metal gear (in the direction of the coupler).

Tap the white gear closer to the metal gear by tapping the tailbox on the table, using the coupler. Keep spinning checking for lash and tight spots, keep tapping in. Eventually you should have the gears just barely touching, with no lash. Tighten up the set screws and reassemble.

I would do that before flying any tail gear. Too loose and the gears risk a strip. Too tight and you risk an explosion? Even if the gears were made of unobtanium the heat/force that must add up when too tight must be fugly.

For more suggestions:
Not sure on the history/status of this stratus, but sounds like all shafts should be replaced if it hit the dirt. Paddles perfectly distanced from the head? How does the engine/clutch alignment look?

I got owned by engine alignment first time around with mine. Caused bad bad vibes. My fan runout was .001 but it didn't matter. Tightened the engine while it was idling to help ensure it was plumb but alas, helis can be a coldhearted mistress!

04-01-2009 06:55 AM  9 years agoPost 4



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When you say it has a bad vibe. Where abouts are you talking. In the tail or the heli in general.

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