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My Synergy was flying perfectly with it's GY611 for 3 months, but suddenly the tail started to wag fast, and I tried everything, I checked all the mechanics and gears, I checked the gyro setup and gain, I even changed the gyro sensor and servo, but nothing stops the waging, please help me I don't know what to do anymore.

Also does any one knows how to reset the GY611?


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Central Coast, NSW, Australia

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From a reliable source.
GY611 GYRO - SECRET? Hidden Service Menu
To activate the Hidden Service Menus on a GY611: (Note that it will also probably work with a 601 etc as well - menu items may differ though, and I don't have any other Futaba Gyro to test my theory though)

With power switched off, Hold down the Left + and - buttons and switch the unit on.
The LCD display will show Bad Oper.
Now press both RHS + and - buttons at the same time and the Hidden Service Menu items will appear.

The menu contains some variables which can be altered (I suggest you do not change them!) and some which are not able to be altered but are used to verify things like the firmware version number in the unit etc.

There have been instances in the past where someone's gyro has stopped operating the Tail Servo and the pilot assumes that the servo is faulty - They then change the servo, only to find that it is actually OK and they then assume that the Gyro Amp is faulty. One facility available is to perform a 'software' reset on the unit by entering the service menu and selecting the *Reset** option and performing a reset on the unit. In many cases this has restored the unit back to working order - ie it probably had some sort of software glitch and no amount of powering on/off cycles could fix the unit.

For reference - Here are all the service menu variables with their respective values on my GY611 curremtly installed in my Rappy 90:

Ver 2.01 - I assume this refers to the unit's firmware revision
T. 740uS
GMon 42%
ICp 2.5%
AVG 25%
AVR 120D
DGan 0%
DDmp 50%
GC1 100%
IC1 100%
SC1 100%
SCW 100%
SCCW 100%
ADFt 13n
PHis 0.3% - Some sort of Hysterisis setting
IHis 0.4% - Some sort of Hysterisis setting
AHis 3n - Some sort of Hysterisis setting
ILt 300uS
PDiv 36n
200d +0
ACgB 120%
NCgB 130%
ATVB 100%
EXP -10%
CxP -10%
RDIG 30%
RHis 2uS
HT 70mV
HDec 10%
HInc 3%
STTd 420u
SCpt 1.5s
SCcg 120%
FMOD F3C - Flight Mode Setting value
WD 21d/s
PlsW Nar - Pulse Width Setting for Tail Servo Drive Signal?
ATBR 250%
SO 2503mV
Re 2501mV
15041506 - Units Serial No.?
*Reset** - Reset Option
Play at own risk.

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Thank you so much, this is really valueble info, I'll try it and let you know what happended.

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