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"There are many popular myths concerning black holes, many of them perpetuated by Hollywood. Television and movies have portrayed them as time-traveling tunnels to another dimension, cosmic vacuum cleaners sucking up everything in sight, and so on. It can be said that black holes are really just the evolutionary end point of massive stars. But somehow, this simple explanation makes them no easier to understand or less mysterious." From NASA's 'Imagine the Universe.'

From time immemorial mankind has associated life on earth with life on this planet, as we exist within the entire solar system. What is clear today is that we have lost our way entirely, whether we are speaking of life among the stars or of life as it is still possible here, on what's left of the smoldering earth: We say we have placed our 'faith in math and science' but instead we have become only cynical-citizens in The Black Hole Society: A society that has indeed become "Too Big To Succeed!

Our original 'knowledge base' came from the study of the stars almost as far back as history goes. It began with an awareness of the position of the stars that could indicate everything from the time to plant crops to pre-knowledge of the movements of migrating birds and animals-all the way to higher mathematics and all the other major breakthroughs. This enabled things like the construction of the Pyramids and the particulars of the seasons, but it also allowed us access to some of the true mysteries of life that if used properly, could keep this planet healthy and productive for all its life forms. This wealth of early knowledge was especially evident in things like the astrolabe; the pocket- watch-size star-map (pictured above). This was a Second Century B.C. version of today's GPS-brought to the world by the Arabs- whose historical museum of early global history was totally destroyed in our 2003 invasion of Baghdad that began 6 years ago.

"Time" is an invention of man, overlaid on an accurate understanding of the seasons and the cycles of life and death. The Stars were used to determine one's location on the planet; whether on land, in the deserts or the oceans; and that breakthrough defined "Place." This led to the sophistication of mapmaking that enhanced trade-routes and improved life for the developed world. When these breakthroughs supported the natural growth of wealth and life, society's at large improved, to the direct degree to which the knowledge was used to benefit the natural balance and to the increased knowledge of the world, and our individual part in everything in it.

Of course along the way 'knowledge' became an end in itself and the hoarding of knowledge became something of a cottage industry. This was perhaps first undertaken by the Shaman's in the caves of 17,000 years ago-when 'art' was first used to connect whole populations to the world and to the mysteries which were a huge part of everyone's ability to survive within those widely scattered places in that ancient world.

As time passed many 'religions' took their turn at 'controlling what had by then become 'the secret or sacred knowledge.' As mankind continued its own chaotic journey toward what we now have inherited; religions morphed into political constructs designed around ambition and greed that undermined the original balance and possession of wealth which the original knowledge had offered to the species of human beings-turning everything into a bottom-line mentality of acquisition and unchecked power. This artificial control, sometimes called the law of Supply & Demand, has led the world of today into the current quagmire of starvation and excess which has rendered whole continents as impoverished zones of privation, wage-slavery and life-long destitution.

In America we have now had "thirty years of flat and declining wages, 47 million of us in America without healthcare, 20 percent more people in poverty today than when George Bush took office, and CEO pay that in 1980 was forty times as much as the average worker, today is 400 times as much as the average worker-more inequality in the US than we've had since the 1920s, the greatest inequality in the world."

This savaging of the imbalance between Abundance & Want is a direct result of our wholesale subscription, as a nation, to our membership in The Black Hole Society.

To address these unsustainable crimes against our fellow-beings; Americans during the last two years began to publicly think about "Change." But 'change' is not a well defined concept and can have very different meanings. In history this 'change' can run the gambit from a localized solar eclipse all the way to the death of an entire star system somewhere in the universe; which means that those seeking such things need to be very particular about what kind of 'change' they really want to have; especially when the people they are making their demands of have not a single moral or ethical bone anywhere within their thoroughly corrupted beings. The current case in point refers to the pathetic case of 'President Barack Obama a Fraud You Can Believe In.' (1)

1) President Barack Obama A Fraud You Can Believe In doc49b840333ee87374341303.txt

As a functioning group of beings the human race has not been here very long at all, when compared with something like the cockroaches or some of the life-forms in the oceans' depths. Still we think of ourselves as "modern," intelligent and definitely at the very top of the food chain when it comes to something as prosaic as the global food-chain. But are we?

We have only been able to 'communicate' effectively with one another around the planet, with any real speed or efficiency, for a very short while. Telephones are not that old, not to mention trans- oceanic communications: For that matter human flight, that involves any real degree of choice, of dependability or affordability. is still rather new: as is motorized transportation, modern indoor plumbing and basic everyday electricity.

However when we look back over how we have chosen to use these "modern" inventions, these advances that were supposed to make life easier, we find that their most intensive and wide-scale uses have been to serve the purposes of ever-expanding weapons or wars that tend to benefit the same inner-clique of almost alien beings that seem to have only one interest in this place; which is to own it all!

Some think that these are gross exaggerations; but look closely at how we have applied the special knowledge that we've so recently acquired. Have we used our sciences to advance the health and welfare of the planet, or the ability of the nation's of the world to feed their own people: Or have we used these advances to create vast and stagnant pools of illicit and in-bred profits that flow directly into the pockets of the same set of criminals the world over?

What about the advances in aerospace, medicine, education, or even just the basic pool of common knowledge that allows any 'being' to live a better life? Television, now about 60 years old, was going to provide 'an educational opportunity unequaled' since the ancient world created language-and yet what have we used television for-beyond the obscenity of advertising? Well at last count most Americans have trouble reading anything, much less being able locate anything on a map of anywhere. As a group, Americans cannot grasp compound thoughts, they need help to even understand the most basic common principles that everyone faces in ordinary life: And perhaps because so many somehow seemed to miss that most critical awareness of how life or society works, even at its most primitive levels; an honest observer would have to say that the public has embraced willful ignorance.

Instead of basic understandings, about learning how to grow into the adult world, our youth are taught how to rape, how to murder, and basically how to create mayhem in video-games that are commonly available and are used to pacify the restless years of unsupervised youth: Too many still wonder why the crime rate is beginning to flirt with impossible levels of rage and anger in the way that so many of us still have to try and live.

With what we've technically "learned" about life and survival today, the entire planet ought to have clean drinking water-and the US ought to have a national health system without the middle- men and con-artists-yet what we have instead is the prospect of global-privatization of the one thing that no human can live without which is drinkable water: And there is still no health care for Americans, affordable or otherwise. The same is true of the crops. With so much publicly subsidized and private research in the organic sciences, we ought to have the best foods we've ever dreamed of, available to everyone for an affordable price: yet what we have are genetically modified and privately-owned seeds that are poisonous to humans beings; yet these are promoted as the only "food" that can be produced as organic foods are about to be CRIMINALIZED.

"America has replaced its farmers with Agribusinesses. Stop HR 875, 814, SR 425, And Soon, HR 759 OR Say Goodbye to farmers markets, CSAs, and roadside stands. The above so called "food safety" bills in Congress were written by the nation-less corporations such as; Monsanto, Cargill, Tysons, ADM, etc. These bills are all associated with the opposite of food safety. What is this all about then?" (1)

Is this the best we can do with what humanity has supposedly learned over the last few thousand years? In industry after industry privatization of the public's property and enterprises have been looted and redirected into private income-streams that feed only into corporate troughs. One of the primary reasons that the public had its own energy companies, transportation agencies, oversight capabilities, schools, law enforcement and fire fighters as well as hospitals and public-health agencies: all of which was put in place so that despite tough times, people would not be at the mercy of the rogue outlaws that now own virtually everything that was once squarely in the public sector: things like clean and drinkable water. Today the public owns NOTHING any longer, it's all been privatized, and it is as completely owned as all those people that still think they have real jobs.

Look at the imbecility of the average student in college today - some are paying as much as 300% interest for an "education" that was suppose to insure a golden job. They have to pay the money, plus the penalties and interest if they default, but the job is gone forever, and there never was any education in the bargain anyhow - because the schools are now just paper-mills churning out degrees without bothering to educate anyone about the entire charade. And 'this is the lot' of "the best and the brightest" lights in American society?

How many working stiffs will continue to fall for this mega-Bait & Switch: The whole "business of higher-education" is nothing but another illegal scheme to bilk dummies out of their last dime against an over-sold and cynically-tarnished 'promise' that will get them nothing but more ridicule in the end? There has never been anything free or easy worth having in this or any other so-called society-everything worth having must be worked for, but since students generally don't pay for what they're supposedly getting, they don't tend to scrutinize the end product until it is way too late. (2)

The so-called economy has been tuned into another giant shell game, tailor-made for morons that think it's cool not to bother studying anything in-depth before investing in anything from an overpriced house to an idealized vehicle that will never make it to its own use-by date: This includes politicians that lie to them with every breath they take-and it never seems to occur to any of these overblown and self-infatuated fools that it just might they who are at fault throughout this whole melodrama that is unfolding right before their over-fed faces? Here's what they "bought" as their savior-in-waiting in the most recent national theft of a presidential "selection campaign." (3)

1) Say Goodbye to Organic Foods

2) Privatizing Extortion

3) The Obama Deception: 14 part ­ video

So, just where and how have we become The Black Hole Society, in light of the previous two articles?

For that we need to take a look at what societies are supposed to do for those people that claim to belong to them, versus what the current arrangements that are totally conflicted by our totally fraudulent status according to what was the United States of America.

Our founding documents and Constitutional papers have been used as kindling for the public destruction of the Republic and its democratic forms of governance. The compact between the governed and the government has been turned upside down and now amounts to the continuous rape and plunder of a once prosperous and semi-free nation-state. We now live in a Newspeak-world of open fraud and blatant government criminality at every level of this society.

In foreign policy we have replaced Smirking Dick Cheney and his crimes with Joe Biden, the man that cannot tell the truth about anything related to foreign affairs. It took seven years to get Cheney to stop relating the invasion of Iraq to 911: Now it is Biden that is attempting to do the same thing with Iran, Iraq and Palestine. Some one must tell Joe that there is NO PROOF of any kind behind the Cheney White House cover-story for the events they said led to 911. There is no forensic proof, no literal proof, not even any abstractly devised hints that have held water about the attacks of 911 that had anything whatever to do with any of the characters that the Cheney-Bush Cabal named as defendants in the crimes committed on 911. Osama is not even on the FBI's ten-most- wanted list: So what the hell is Biden yelling about, after-all he has not yet assumed the same role as his predecessor, nor should he be allowed to do that either.

What sane person can believe that America is actually adding 35 to 40,000 new terrorists to the illegal no-fly lists, every month? On what evidence is this farce being carried out? We had courts and procedures to handle legitimate threats to the safety of this nation; long before George W. Bush was even a wet-dream. That process kept us protected through two world wars, but somehow today, that is just not enough, given that we are supposedly at war with a concept (terrorism is that concept) rather than an enemy-a concept that according to both Cheney & Biden will not end in our lifetimes.

What we have is a war against all those that oppose our unilateral and blatantly criminal policies which are responsible for the slaughter of millions of people for no other reason than to maintain the American lifestyle that in reality is fed by the blood of innocents worldwide-just so that we don't need to even think about what we're doing in one three trillion dollar war, while we expand another that will soon approach that same impossible figure.

The United States has become Criminality-Incorporated. We lie about every single thing that this government does. We have 2.5 million people in uniform worldwide, claiming to be American troops. But despite their uniforms, these people do not serve "to protect and defend the Constitution or the people of the United States (supposedly their reason for being wherever they are, in the first place). NO, these are low-level mercenaries that serve the corporations that are the only shareholders in USA INC.

These so-called US troops wear the insignia of USA Incorporated, which is that backward flag with the golden-fringe around it. This symbolizes the fact that according to The International Maritime Law of the Flags; whoever displays that flag, with the fringe, represents the Corporation created in 1913 when the Congress created the Federal Reserve Bank and the income taxes that were needed to pay the interest on the money printed by the private owners of the FED; as a guarantee that the USA would pay the interest owed to the private owners of the FED; because the USA was then in bankruptcy and therefore in receivership to the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank-a fact that still obtains to this day.

However, neither the fact that the troops are no longer US Troops, nor the fact that the US is in receivership has apparently ruffled any feathers in congress or stirred any change in the great silences that pass for the American public's view of what's happening in the District of Criminality today. If the public or the falsely flagged troops ever did begin to ask questions: the commanders of the fake US troops can always call upon that other highly paid mercenary force, of nearly the same size, that was created to cover just such a possible eventuality. The real question is why does the public not care about any of this? Is it because those with any money or any kind of a real job are not in the military, nor are they ever likely to be? Or is it that ordinary people don't really care how many other people have to die to keep them in new toys or new addictions?

The answer it seems is that there is no longer an overarching society on which to depend or to draw from, because all the suckers have been bled bone dry. Societies existed to provide, in common, for their members: But what replaced that semi-soft but sometimes heavy cloak of provisions is nothing more now than thousands of rusting metal fists wrapped in razor-wire instead of threadbare velvet-spring-loaded to take maximum advantage of every stupid move-every idle thought or careless moment on the way to instant gratification, that somehow always takes too long.

For the criminality of government the answer can be summed up in just one phrase: "Al Qaeda." No question ever really matters when the answer is AL QAEDA! No breech of human rights, no degree of torture, murder, or even Genocide carries any real meaning when faced with that Huge Black Hole into which everything is swept without a second thought.

There are other truths however, despite the threadbare fictions that make up the so-called basis for their continued lies throughout this latest treachery: The fallacy of the "right to torture," as some kind of need, to get to the truth to protect the vulnerable societies, is a Lie! In this age of compartmentalized information on every front, information is only useful for a brief period of time, before it is superseded by an alternate plan-this is especially true in dealing with any truly irregular fighting- force-as trust is non-existent and survival depends upon the security of any plans no matter how well laid. So the point of torturing people, especially without charges, for years on end, can have nothing at all to do with obtaining any real military information-and is in fact only an end in itself.

Everything to do with justice, human rights, or conscience is all fair-game wherever that all-consuming pit awaits for whatever is discussed-and so far this still works almost every time! Language, thought, imagination, creativity, balance, everything that goes into the meaning in any life ­ none of it seems to be immune to this all encompassing pull of the 'magic' suspended above the great Black Hole that this society has come to fear and worship.

Yet many have come to loathe this new phenomenon, as many millions more each day reject its simplistic values at this time. We are now a lawless-mob, a society no longer, because without laws or a national trust in anything, there can be no belief in whatever passes for the future. We no longer care about what was once Made- in-America: All we care about is "what is the cheapest form of whatever is available." From jobs to food, to services of every type-we no longer discriminate between the shoddy and the excellent-because all we care to look at now is the short-term price demanded. There in no longer any commonality between the people here; there is only the rabble of the mob that cares not about tomorrow, but only how much they can steal from someone else today.

The politicos rave about what's good for Main Street is good for Wall Street: Yet nowhere is there any mention of the back-streets, where the rabbit-warren of life in America is actually lived, because it is there that this ancient Depression has come to live, in the darkness with the filth and poverty, peopled as it is by the road-kill of decades that have never had a voice since JFK was murdered. In those universal Back-Streets the truth is clear - this society has been dead and buried now for over forty years-and no one's going to come and save them from that darkness that will only deepen there! They must save themselves, and in that knowledge they are light-years ahead of their 'betters' that are reliving- the-lie in daylight, in the farce of an American-Dream that never really materialized beyond the madness of the Shadow Governments around this planet.

Recently much was made about the plight of Billionaires, because so many of them recently lost a lot. Billionaires have taken over from the Millionaires, of whom, there are now simply too many to bother with. That was followed by whatever percentage of wealth has now been officially 'lost' in the latest blood-letting on the markets. However the truth shines in the one detail that everybody missed: No mention was even made of the Trillionaires, or the horrific profits they are reaping in each and every single second of this latest harvest that reaped the bounty of their illicit profits, as this rigged- game goes on and on, and on. The public will of course pick up the tab for everything: and the Rockefeller's and the Rothschilds will slide back into oblivion along with all their buddies in the New World Bank of the New World Order: where no trace shall remain of any of this final chapter on its way to total collapse.

This Great Black Hole sweeps everything away, with the uncompromising force of its three-day news cycle that never lingers long on any topic: and never returns to the scene of any of the crimes committed against "the public" that this monstrous- traitor supposedly exists to serve!

What a fabulous arrangement, it's better than invisible ink ­ the herd can claim they 'saw the story' and the media retains it somewhere for a month of so, until they scrub it from the public memory banks: Everybody wins, except of course the dead and injured, and of course the truth, but that hardly matters anymore, now that so many have chosen to remain so totally in the dark.

But there are several problems that continue to build inside that especially willful darkness that is never-really quiet. The first is Karmic. So many of what are now respected-nations were built mostly on illicit blood and slaughter, and the ghosts of those that died have never really been at peace with how things came to be. Here we had a 400 year war upon our native population that has still not ended; and it has been the same or very similar, in far too many other places. This tends to disturb the natural order, and nature has a way of rebalancing the tally-sheets when there's been too much of anything that huge.

The second problem with the intrinsic lies on which the Zionist scheme was launched-is their permanent victim card-for which no alternative point-of-view allowed. As America's own history proves, there have been thousands of Holocausts everywhere around the world, yet only the Zionists are sacrosanct? Here there is a far more fundamental problem that goes straight to the Black Heart of this Black Hole, and that is simply this: The world is far too large to ever keep this tortured massive lie alive, for any length of time, because this is yet another lie 'too big to succeed." Here's what France is doing about the Zionists, from March 13, 2009.

"NEW ANTI-ZIONIST PARTY LAUNCHED In an attempt to rid its country from the control of Zionist Lobby Groups and organizations, France has launched it's new Anti Zionist Political Party called "Parti Anti Sioniste." Below are the parties' goals taken from a translated page:" (1)

The puppet-masters in this ancient game are more evil than all the combined lies and tortures and bloodshed of all the primitive pretenders that have preceded this dying colossus, that has pretended for far too long, to be immune to nature's laws that cannot be ignored, any more than anyone can deny the reality of that death, that will come to one and all!

Their days are also numbered because the universe contains billions of unnumbered black holes; and the designers of this nightmare just might find, that it shall be they who will fall into one of those other holes, if they remain too fixated on the one they believe they own outright!

1) New Anti-Zionist Party Launched launched.html

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Had to repost this as it is a great oped, and the link in your post is the broken and such...

And yes, the whole thing is a link to the original article.

President Barack Obama: A Fraud You Can Believe In

By Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin
Thursday, March 12, 2009
The hopes and prayers of the American people have finally been answered with the election of a new president: A fraud they can believe in.

Yes, and even as Barack Obama demonstrates he is a fraud, phony and hypocrite par excellence — who also happens to be in way over his head — the American people still believe in him. Yes, love is grand and his approval rating is still miraculously high. If the truth were known, that approval rating would be sinking lower than the stock market, home prices or the economy.

I doubted he was the Messiah, but now I’m not sure. When a president can be the greatest wealth destroyer in history and still maintain high approval ratings, maybe he does have supernatural powers. What’s more he is god-like. It is said God so loved the poor that he made many of them; Mr. Obama is almost outdoing God by turning so many into poor people.

As I surveyed the disaster that is the Obama administration, I was surprised by how many memorable statements of the past put the present and the president into such clear perspective. I have a weakness for books of quotations and I was re-reading that fascinating book by Robert Byrne titled, The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said.

In it, I came across the quote that describes our recent American history so perfectly. Will Durst, a comedian, put it perfectly when he said, “Voters want a fraud they can believe in.”

There was abundant evidence Mr. Obama was a fraud, not a savior, in everything he’s done in life — from his early education to his days in the Illinois legislature then to his U.S. Senate days and finally as a successful candidate for president. If anyone would look at his record and associates they’d see he’s advocated infanticide in the Illinois State Senate, he’s never displayed a glimmer of bipartisanship and he came out of the slime and sewer that is Chicago machine politics. And his associates would prevent him from getting security clearance if he was applying for a government job, rather than being elected to one.

This column has documented Mr. Obama’s fraudulent positioning on the most important issues of our time. He talks of bipartisanship, but is totally partisan. He is against earmarks, but is about to sign a bill with more than 8,000 of them. He says he’s going over every spending bill line by line to eliminate waste and abuse. But then he passes the greatest spending and stimulus bill in history without even allowing time enough for Congress and the public to read it. He says he is going to keep lobbyists out of his administration, but then he packs almost as many lobbyists into his administration as tax cheats.

He says his administration will be transparent but then can’t even produce figures on the number of lobbyists that have received waivers to be in the administration.

He says almost all Americans will get a tax cut, but then proposes a carbon tax that will assure almost all Americans will get a tax increase. He promised to put the country on a pay-as-you-go basis, but he’s setting records for deficits, national debt, spending, destroying wealth and for spend-as-you-go politics.

The most recent and dramatic example of how the Obama rhetoric has nothing in common with the Obama reality involves the organized attack of his administration on radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Remember all of the Obama speeches about his rejection of the old politics and his commitment to stick to the major issues of our time. He promised to avoid diversions from the issues.

So what does the Obama administration do? It acts as if radio talk show host, Mr. Limbaugh, was the greatest issue of our time. This is orchestrated at the highest level of the administration.

It turns a sideshow into the main ring. This idiocy of the Obama administration was best captured by a cartoon a recent Weekly Standard. It shows the White House with a series of cartoon balloons asking and then answering the following questions:

“We must take care of the biggest threat to America.”

Question: “The economy?”

Answer: “No.”

Question: ”The banking crisis?”

Answer: “No.”

Question: “Terrorism?”

Answer: “No.”

Question: “Iranian nukes?”

Answer: “No.”

Question: “Then what?”

Answer: “Rush Limbaugh.”

The new politics of Mr. Obama is even pettier, lower and dirtier than the old politics. The only change Mr. Obama is ready to deliver is change for the worse, not the better.

He promised hope, but endlessly repeats the words crisis, catastrophe and continuously runs the economy into the ground. Someone counted the word “crisis” popping up 26 times in one of his short speeches. Perhaps it’s win-win for him, as the worst it gets, the more he can sell his socialistic, share-the-wealth, soak the rich programs. He agrees with his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, that you should never let a crisis go to waste.

If that’s not bad enough, the White House and Mr. Obama are now exhibiting signs of reckless incompetence and amateur-hour behavior that is even more threatening. Here’s a glaring example. President Obama recently announced we are losing the war in Afghanistan and, at the same time, announced we may try to negotiate with the more moderate wing of the Taliban.

You would think no one would be so naïve and inexperienced that they propose negotiation while proclaiming your own weakness. Mr. Obama, in approaching negotiation with the “moderate” wing of this terrorist group sounds more like he wants to negotiate an American surrender. The moderate Taliban, I would guess, would slit your throat rather than behead you.

This is the same kind of amateur-hour incompetence and insanity that led to the Obama proposal to negotiate without pre-condition with every genocidal terrorist and maniac such as the leaders in Iran and North Korea. It is the same kind of amateur-hour incompetence and insanity that led Mr. Obama to the moral equivalence between Russia’s invasion of Georgia and Georgia’s response. It is incredible that one president can demonstrate so much inexperience and incompetence on many issues in such a short time.

But the far reaches of the most pure incompetence were displayed by his handling of the bank/credit crisis. Economists and other experts agree the problem at the heart of the great financial meltdown and recession is the freezing up of credit. So the first priority should be a solution to the bank/credit crisis. Yet it seems to be the last priority and the most neglected of all White House tasks. While Mr. Obama flits around with proposals and works for universal health insurance, education reform and infrastructure redirection, the proposals and team to deal with the bank/credit crisis is immobilized or perhaps better described as in shambles.

The noted tax cheat, Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, falls on his face every time he takes a step forward. He still doesn’t have his plan in place to fix the bank/credit crunch. Secretary Geithner, and the rest of the economic team, still don’t have a plan for rescuing the banks or otherwise solving the problem. Mr. Geithner still doesn’t have his key staff in place and, when I last checked, not a single one of the top 17 treasury officials to work under him were in place.

Mr. Obama says, like JFK, he has to handle multiple issues at the same time. Unfortunately, he seems to be unable to handle a single issue at one time. Mr. Obama says that FDR, Abraham Lincoln and JFK had to handle many issues at the same time. I can’t say I knew those three former presidents, but I can assure Mr. Obama he’s no Lincoln, FDR nor JFK; he’s not even close.

There is other, abundant evidence of incompetence. You have to wonder whether he is even vetting high-level appointments, as one after another, is exposed to be a tax cheat. Late-night comedians joke that we can eliminate the deficit just by getting Mr. Obama’s appointees to pay up their taxes.

This is not to mention his Commerce appointment, Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., who is under investigation and possible indictment for corruption.

If all that is not enough, we have the fiasco of fiascos — the appointment of Charles Freeman to be chairman of the National Intelligence Council, a key entity in setting America’s foreign policy, security and intelligence operations. It turns out he sounds like a Fifth Column agent for Saudi Arabia, Iran and China.

It turns out he was designated by a top intelligence official within the Obama administration and his appointment wasn’t even communicated to the White House. He wasn’t vetted by the White House, and apparently no one even bothered to ask him whether he is paying his taxes. It’s entirely possible President Obama has finally found an appointee who is not a tax cheat. Yes, he can.

As I was writing that last paragraph, Fox News broke a story that Mr. Freeman had withdrawn from this appointment. Maybe the next appointee to chair the National Intelligence Council should be vetted before being named.

There’s a glimmer of good news. Even some of Mr. Obama’s advisers and supporters are finally figuring out Mr. Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. For example, Warren Buffet, considered the nation’s greatest and richest investor, and an Obama adviser, now says Mr. Obama’s economic message is muddled and is undermining public confidence. Mr. Obama told CNBC, “And I think we’ve had, and it’s the nature of the political process somewhat, but we’ve had muddled messages and the American public does not know. They feel they don’t know what’s going on, and their reaction then is to absolutely pull back.”

Incidentally, Jack Welch, the former management genius at G.E., says Mr. Obama ought to focus on the economy and stop trying to handle all kinds of major issues all at once.

University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato, a specialist in presidential politics, agrees with Mr. Buffet. He says the public is confused and Mr. Obama may be unintentionally sending the message that the problem may be the public may not understand what they’re talking about on the banks. I’ve got news for Professor Sabato: The Obama people can’t figure out what they’re talking about either.

Reuters also reports Tony Fratto, a former spokesman for President George W. Bush, said it is not only a muddled message problem but a fact problem: “[T]he market is not getting clear information on what Treasury’s intentions are for the rest of this program.”

Even some of the bootlicking, Obama-worshipping mainstream media are losing confidence in him. For example, the San Francisco Chronicle has written Mr. Obama is embarrassing America. Even Howard Fineman, of Newsweek magazine, one of the publications that was running Obama covers almost weekly, now writes that Mr. Obama is losing the support of the establishment.

All these developments are finally eroding Mr. Obama’s approval ratings, which have now dropped from the 60s to 56, with the disapproval rating running 43 percent. If the public gets the full story of the performance of the Obama administration, I would think his approval rating should drop to the single digit range, if that high.

I should add one other point on the fraud that is Obama. His supporters like to bill him as the smartest man on the planet. But if he is so smart why is he unable to speak without the help of a teleprompter? He must have to go to bed with it. If you can’t speak extemporaneously after going through a campaign, you can’t be very bright.

I went through a primary campaign for the U.S. Senate, and by the time I was done I could deliver a campaign speech in my sleep, without notes and without a teleprompter. And I’m sure anyone who has been through a campaign will tell you the same thing. Mr. Obama is a strange exception.

There are even reports that the teleprompter is used to feed him facts and talking points to help him answer questions. There’s also a report the White House is working on a computer unit on the podium to feed him material during press conferences and other question-and-answer formats.

I’m afraid like the great Oz, the great Mr. Obama will soon be discovered to be the fraud that he is. The golden tongue orator can’t move his golden tongue without the aid of a script and a teleprompter.

There have been many false Messiahs in history, but isn’t this going a little too far? We’ve got to set a higher standard, even for false Messiahs.

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gonna be a long 4 years.

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