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I'm used to running JR G7703D gyros in my TREX600/700's. I've now started using the Spartan 760 in my new helis and I like many of the features etc...

However, there is one area my G770 tromps this Spartan in, at least how I have mine setup now compared to my G770 helis.

When I'm hovering and do a punchout, I get about 5-10 degrees of clockwise tail drift with the spartan, until it holds and is fine there. May even compensate and drift back a degree or two, but it's NOT a crsip HOLD. With my G770 the tail would hold super firm, and aside from a Futaba 401 and one 611 prior to the JR's these are the only Gyros I've used. TBH I was so horrible when I had the Futabas, I don't remember if they did this or not.

Now I've tried upping gyro gain in my radio and it helps some, but now I had to back off as I was getting wag in tail slides and tail down funnels.

I would imagine with all the raving and internet love the Spartan gets, that this is a setup issue on my part. One thing I had considered today, is one the 2 helis I've flown with the spartan I am using KBDD tail blades on them. The TREX500ESP and my Outrage 550. Prior to that with the JR's I've run some form of carbon fiber tail blade either Align or Radix. If switching tail blades will give me that crisp feeling then I'll either live with these until I break them, get used to it, or swap them out. If there is a setting in the gyro that I can play with, then I would like to do that, but tbh I have no idea what to adjust.

I have my accel gain at default 100 or fully to the right in menu. Everything else was defaul except of course right and left end point for setup, and I selected my tail servo(9251 for outrage and 8900G for 500esp). I was going to try to increase the counterclockwise stop gain to 120, but wanted to ask here first.


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rrElite Veteran


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Did you follow the Spartan directions to set your rudder ball link at 13-17mm from shaft?

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what your seeing is probably the result of a weak/slow tail and when you punch it it doesn't have the authority to keep up.

things that can cause that-

1. poor tail blades
2. low HS
3. servo is too slow (yours are perfect)
4. you have the ball link too short on servo horn effectively making the servo even slower.
5. gyro pad combo is wrong for your heli.

there isn't a setting in the gyro software that will help this.

if you think about the above then you will find your answer i'm sure.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterRadio - Servo - Gyro - Gov - Batt › Spartan gyro, setup or tail blades?????
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