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Manlius, NY, United States

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This is a how-to response to a response on my youtube video:

The only thing you have to do to fly in 3d mode (on the eskey honeybee) is to flip up the left metal switch on the transmitter that sticks out on top. This will make the main rotors spin at the top speed all the time and let you control the thrust of the helicopter by changing the pitch of the blades instead of the speed of the blades. Here's a website that explains that: You want to be careful when you fly in 3d mode because if you move the throttle down, it will actually push the helicopter down. This means that if you forget you're in 3d mode and try to land, when you try to turn the blades off by moving the throttle all the way down, the blades will continue to spin and actually push the helicopter into the ground. If you crash in 3d mode, the first thing you want to do is flip the 3d mode off and put the throttle all the way down. If you don't do this the helicopter will flop around on the ground like this:

You will definitely want to practice on a simulator before you try for real. I have Realflight 3.5, but there some free ones out there if you don't want to buy one.

As far as flying the honeybee upside down, I can't say I recommend it. The honeybee is sort of twitchy and it tends to make random jerky turns sometimes, which may be ok when it's rightside-up and you can easily land it if you need to, but when you're flying it for the first time upside-down it can be very difficult to recover from these if you don't have experience. I have flown mine upside-down around 6 times and each time I can't say I've been totally in control. I've crashed it once flying upside-down, but it was a minor crash and I was able to fix it without buying any new parts. Anyways, each time is definitely a thrill

I've now moved on to a CopterX and am currently outfitting it with electronics.

Good luck with your upside-down flying!

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Flying Esky Honeybee CP2 upside-down
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