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Hi there, I have had an interest in Autogyros for quite a few years. As a child I tried building one but didnt get far due to lack of materials and knowledge.
I had been inspired by pictures of real machines being towed by U Boats and so forth.

I now work as a fitter on real Helis, dream come true for me sometimes the subject of Autogyros comes up while we put the world to rights.

No one really has the answer as to how they work, I have it figured out...or so I think

The blades on an Autogyro are asymetric right? so you are looking for a nice profile that provides plenty of lift.

The blades angle or pitch is slightly in the negative how much? 4 degrees or so? maybe a bit less?

So as the Gyro travels, the airflow takes the front blade...or advancing blade and with its negative pitch it is propelled around as it becomes the retreating blade, the other blade (based on a two bladed head) becoming the advancing blade to go through the process the advancing blade travels it flicks up slightly...and due to the correolis effect (forgive my spelling)it speeds up slightly adding that bit more energy?

The control inputs must be the same as a Heli, 90 degrees precession...this is for roll/aileron only?

There must also be, on the full size, some system for lift compensation with the advancing/retreating blades; a flapping hinge?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as I said before I have always been interested in these machines. I would like to try building one sometime in the near future.


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if you go to
they have some good graphics that describe how it works, may not answer all your questions, but will help.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAutogyros - Gyrocopters › How it works?
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