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Austin, Texas

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Hey Guys,

Here's one for you. I have been slowly progressing with my 450 and I am trying forward flight lately. Now I've had a few crashes here and there, so I've still got a long way to go. I have been watching some of the videos posted and I now have a question for the "masses". I normally run my tail blades loose and my main blades taught. Meaning you can't swing the mains out of the grips. They are held in place. Now from whatching some of the guys postings and it looks like they are running them looser. I can tell that from the whay they crash sometimes. The main blades fold back like you would expect the tail to. Should the mains be this loose? I know cintrifical force would swing them outward, but wouldn't you loose rigidity in the rotor disk and get vibrations from running them loose? I guess the postive point is that you wouldn't go through as many main blades that way, but it just seems odd to me to run them like that.

Am I just not getting the concept? Any thoughts are appreciated, as I said I have a long way to go.



I used to be normal, but then I started flying heli's....

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Kent, UK

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For general flying I run my main blades tight enough so that with them in line with the boom, the flybar across the heli, if you hold the heli on its side the blades stay roughly level, but with a little jolt they should drop to around 45 deg. This is only a suggestion but I have found it works well with any heli from a 450 size up. It is good to have both blade tensions set roughly the same.

12-27-2008 07:33 PM  9 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Kansas City

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It is very hard to get the main blades perfectly aligned when tighteninig the blade bolts. Either spin up the heli to let centrifical force align the blades perfectly parallel before tightening or some sort of fixture to align them before flying. If they are off in the slightest you have a vibration. Surely your blades are loose enough to allow them to move into place when at speed.
I run mine a little loose so they will just hold when the heli is turned on it's side.

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""Should the mains be this loose?""

the answer is you set them the way you want !!

but the rule of thumb is the tighter the Mains are in their grips the quicker/crisper/lighter your cyclic feels, the better 3D pilots I know like their Mains tighter than I do, but then again I don't like my Mains loose ether, just not as tight as those better 3D guys,,

tail blades,,,
again it's your heli so it's up to you, but I will tell you if the tail blades are really loose your tail control can be sloppy/not crisp, meaning when you use the Rudder Stick to stop a pero the tail may lag to the stop, not stop crisp, this could "could" lead to a Gyro problem,,
I just don't think you (or anyone) would want them loose in the grips, I have flow with them like that and as I said my tail lagged to stop, you don't want to have to work the Stick to make the Tail stop and if you do have to work the Ruder Stick a lot to stop the Tail then you know the Gyro and Tail Servo are over working too !!,, and think about this~ when flying you don't need to over think the Rudder when you have 6 other Stick inputs to think about,,
I set my Tail blades tightness so it takes a little finger pressure to move them at their tips, the next guy may want his tighter for a super crisp responds for heavy 3Ding,,
for starters just don't have them so loose they will slip down by themselves in the grips when the Tail Hub is level..

I set my Main blades as Silvashadow suggested above, but just a tiny bit tighter..

Buzz Buzz Buzz

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Main blade tension???
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