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Greenville, SC

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Jumping in with both feet since I didnt see a specific intro thread...

First time poster but have been gleaning knowledge from this board for some time now... A lil about me: I am a soldier who happens to ride in MH series helicopters from time to time while working...I am from the southeastern US and am currently stationed there as well.

This is my premier attempt at building a scale heli, however as a child my father and I enjoyed building static models. I have only been flying RC for a few months (maybe 6) and have come to enjoy the scale side more than the 3D side of it all. I have much more learning to do with flying but am improving daily.

As I alluded to in the subject, this is a 1:18th scale (450 series) Blackhawk from Darthdrk. I hope to be building a 50 scale MH-60 Blackhawk (Century body) within the year and possibly a MH47 thereafter if I can muster the money (lol). The mechanics for this one will be coutesy of a Blade 400 (because the parts are easily accessible at my LHS) with updated servos and gyro. I will be using custom scale 4-blade main and tail rotor heads courtesy of Greenking (from HeliFreak). The cargo compartment doors are still intact and the windowns havent been trimmed as I am still up in the air about that... The crewchief windows/doors will be cut free and moved forward and glued in place shortly to fit the swing arm assy and mini-guns I am fab-ing to fit in those spaces (we will see how that goes.)

The forward landing gear is finished (with the exception of finding 1-1/4 wheels locally.) They were fairly simple to build using aluminum tubing, aileron hinges (for airplanes), a couple springs from my local hardware store, and some small screws and nuts... You can see from the pics that they articulate (forgot to take a pic of them hanging, but they do so nicely. The rear gear is still causing me some trouble as the copper tubing seems to small to solder, or for me to solder it does anyhow. I hope to have that completed in the next few days. I also hope to have the sponsons completed to include the one for the refeuling boom which I hope to make removable without the sponson looking too unsightly.

I added balsa wood bulkheads to the tail section, as you can see, to give it a lil more rigidity and will be adding another 1-2 to the vertical portion of the tail as I get closer to completing that section, I will also add a couple to mount the tailgear to.

Originally I had planned to make use of a seperate BL motor to drive a flex shaft to the tail and use a 400-450 series torque tube driven tail assy but cannot seem to locate one that is reliable enough to use (dont wanna be changing out the gears left constantly as owners of the x400 and shogun v1 seem to complain about.) I was hoping Align would have the TT for the Trex 450 out in time but it looks like that may be on hold and as such am open to suggestions of other helis that have reliable TT tails. That said I have been looking at other options and as such have found a hollow shaft outrunner that I think will fit in the tail section, without it sticking out the left side, so at this time I plan to go that route. This would allow for the 20 degree tilt and have the pitch adjuster (forgot the correct name) on the outside of the blade assy(just like the fullsize -60's) instead of behind it like most other heli's. If this doesnt workout for me the fall back plan is to use Darthdrk's method; it is tried and true.

Pardon the messy worktable. I am working out of my father-in-law's shop while we visit for the holidays.

So, without further...

Any ideas or advice is much appreciated by this scale newbie...


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Tokyo, JAPAN

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Very cool legs and wooden frames!

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Kailua, Hawai'i

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If you don't know already, the H60 uses a "tractor" tail rotor. It pulls against torque, instead of pushing. The angle contributes to about 10% of the overall lift. I've toyed with my TREX450's tail to make a scale 60. It became incredibly complex to counter-rotate the mains and aftward turn the tail and tractor it and get the angle. Remember you flight characterists will change with a stock config and the 20 deg angle. Right rudder will also cause a nose up.
Again you may know this already. It'll look good though. Keep at it and keep posting.

Keep thy head speed up, less the earth come up from below and smite thee.

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HomeScaleAircraftHelicopterScale Model RC Helicopters › MH-60L Blackhawk 1:18th (Darthdrk fuse)
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