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08-22-2008 06:55 PM  12 years ago
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rrKey Veteran

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Most commonly broken parts?
I'm finally about to build my MT. I'm assuming the most commonly brokem parts are blades, main shafts, feathering shafts, main gears, flybar seesaws, flybar holders, flybars, skids and tail booms. Anything else I'm missing?

After flying my Esky Honey Bee King II for 5 months (I also flew FP helis for one year prior to moving up to the King II), I think I'm ready to move up to the MT. I'm a little nervous about moving up to a larger heli. I'm assuming that if I can fly the King II, I should have no problems flying the MT. If you are interested, below are a couple of videos of me flying the King II.

Watch at YouTube

Watch at YouTube

08-22-2008 07:19 PM  12 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Portland Tx

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The MT is very stable. You will like it more than the King and FP. Its a bigger target to see do youll probably extend your flying area a bit. I reccomend getting an 11 T pinion to keep the batteries cooler. I would get batteries that are higher than 25c though. They tend to get hot as well as the motor. Some are putting axi fans on the stock motor. The build was very easy compared to some ive done. Welcome to the MT family.
08-22-2008 07:20 PM  12 years ago


Oregon, USA

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Racin, finally gonna build the MT huh! You are gonna love it! I started into basic 3D maneuvers with my MT three weeks ago and am loving the learning experience!

I've only crashed my MT once since I built it so I may not be much help with your parts question. If you crash with any kind of force you will likely bend the tail boom, and probably the main shaft as well. The main shafts bend fairly easy compared to the abuse our FP helis would take! A pretty hard crash will likely break the skids as well.

Be prepared to fabricate some servo standoffs (depending on the servo used) to add between the servo mounts and servo to get the swash linkages straight.

Good luck, I'm sure you will enjoy the Mini Titan!
08-22-2008 07:46 PM  12 years ago


Colorful Colorado

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Ok as a member of the mini titan frequent crasher club. Here is what I break the most, in order of how often they break. I am running the kasama head I very rarely break head parts.

1. Main drive gear (you lose that in virtually every crash)
2. Landing gear skids (They break alot but better they break than a more expensive part.)
3. Base plate. (usually you break off one or two of the tabs that hold the landing gear on.)
4. Battery tray. (the weak side supports break but you don't break alot of these)
5. Flybar
6. Main blades
7. Tail boom
8. Linkages (They don't break but they fly off and I can never find them. Why do they make them black instead of a nice bright orange?)

Surprisingly I have had a few firm impacts that the main blades boom and flybar survive. I think it is because of the light weight of the heli, it doesn't have as much energy coming to a stop as a larger heli. Hope that helps
08-23-2008 05:01 AM  12 years ago


Paoli, PA

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I am new to Mini Titan and had two crashes already. The following parts have been broken:

Main Gear
Tail Fin
Tail Blades
Mixing Arms

I am also in the process of identifying the most common broken parts so that I can order some spare parts.
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08-23-2008 10:56 AM  12 years ago


rothwell//northants UK

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canopy pins and gromit's always break
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