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08-21-2008 09:20 PM  12 years ago
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covington, GA

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advice on a merchant charge back through visa?
Got a sticky situation that I need some advice on how to progress with.

Heres the quick details.

Pricelined a hotel for SEFF this past year, showed up to find out that I paid more through priceline than they were advertising on the sign out front which kinda sucked but oh well. Anyhow, the attendant tried to put me in a room with a single queen bed, I told her that I wanted to doubles as I was there with someone that I didn't feel like cuddling. At that point, she tried to charge me any extra 15 per night over what I had already paid via priceline.
Ended with me staying somewhere else because I wasn't about to let this hotel terrorist get me for the extras.

I had talked with priceline at that point and they sided with me but said they could only offer me coupons for 10 dollars off the next stay. In the contract it states no refunds no exceptions pretty much. But, in that same contract, it also states that all rooms are gaurunteed to accomodate two full adults (bed requests are at the discretion of the hotel and are based on availibility).

Now, I disputed the charge with Wamu Visa card and basically got the run around from them for months until they sided with priceline. The basically screwed me by sending me a letter and saying I had 15 days to respond. The letter was dated on the 1st and postmarked the 4th from cali to GA; I only had two days to respond upon receipt of the letter. Anyway, a day after that the letter comes that says they have decided in favor of the merchant and will consider the dispute closed. That letter was dated two days before the end of the time I had to submit my rebuttal. So, in essence, they didn't even give me time to respond by manipulating the mail system.

I fully believe we should all hold up any contract that we enter into, no different on RR than for priceline imo. Fact is, I shouldnt be accountable for the contract (and charges even though the thing states no refunds) because you can't pick and choose which parts of the contract should apply. That contract states room choices are based on availability (proven when they tried to give me a room with two beds for an additional 15 a night!). Nowhere in the contract does it state that bed choices are at the discretion of the hotel and may be subject to additional charges.

I feel like the corporate giants are stealing money from me because they want to hold me to a contract that they themselves feel is ok to adjust so long as it suits their needs.

In all honesty, I could let this go and pay up but out of principal I just don't feel good letting this slip by?

What would you do? What should I do?

File a complaint with the BBB and hand all the evidence over?
08-21-2008 09:30 PM  12 years ago
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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the way I read it...

the hotel as per the contract gave you a room that could handle two adults (the queen bed)

despite no are getting coupons...up to you to use them.

the extra bed or separate beds takes extra sheets and extra time to make...there is cost involved.

althought $15 is indeed high, did you try and negotiate that?
how long was the stay to begin with?

complaining to the BBB only gives them a bad check mark and its only good if someone bothers to check it out any complaints againts them to begin with and depending on complaints, you still have final choice whether to go there or not...its like bad feedback MAY kill a thousand good ones...depending on what exactly is the negative part, you may still purchase from this person after all.

your complaint is against the credit card company at this time.

read your terms of agreement with credit card to find out what other things you can do about it...under arbitration.

Best of luck!
~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~
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