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08-19-2008 08:49 PM  12 years ago
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Stockholm Sweden

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TT RL 53 RPM ?
Greetings!! Have been following the threads on this forum about the RL53 and I am really loving this motor. But.. I have a little problem, I cant get the engine up to 2200 rpm head speed as suggested by guys here. The engine is happy at 1800 governed speed and I changed the sceond rpm from 2100 to 2200 as I gather the engine is happier up there but not so happy between 1900-2100 rpm. I am running the engine in a T-Rex600NP with a Hatori Bobby Watts special muffler and an Enya 3 plug. Fuel is Jets 30% Heli Fuel. Can anyone figure out what I am doing wrong. I have changed my needle settings as per advice from Dino on the forum and have tweaked a bit from there. The engine runs sweet and quite cool. Even had to lower my gyro gain as I get a slight wag in the middle of tic-tocs (governor off) suggesting that the engine is reving up. Pitch is about +/-11.5
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08-20-2008 02:47 AM  12 years ago


La Vista, NE.

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The engine runs sweet and quite cool.
Sounds like you may be a bit rich. Try leaning out the high end needle one or two clicks at a time until it the power comes up. Keep an eye on the temp and for sure listen to it. If it sounds AT ALL "crackly" then you are probably too far in on the needle and a bit lean. But I'd venture to say right now you are rich. Just listen to it and tune it slowly you should be good to go.
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