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08-19-2008 04:54 PM  12 years ago
JA Allen


Waxhaw, NC

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My point in all this, was to be answered, so I do not sit here with an incomplete build, trying to be a loyal MP5 customer.

Frustration at its core. Now, at least I know from Brian's answer, to look elsewhere to complete it, as the MP5-90 pipe may not be around.

Thats all I wish I was answered in the beginning. It may have escaped some people, that sitting around, with an answer like that, means if you enjoy the product, you may wait and see when dealers stock.

Now, I am stuck with three pipes, that I may not get replaced, or headers for anymore. Nice.


Thanks for the offer, and actually, I need to take you up on it, as every dealer is now out of them. This header I have actually had a crash and cracked at both flanges, but the pipe is fine. Thank you.
I am still worried about keeping the other two fine now...

Yes, I am frustrated. I would like to see CYE make a discontinue announcement to help others understand, the MP5 may not be around anymore.

You have to understand Brian, that, I love that pipe, always great performance, I know how to tune to them after using them all these years, and they stay strong, now, not only do I have one build waiting for a new pipe, but now a second machine down, just because of a cracked header, with no stock at all to purchase a replacement.

Now posters come on, saying I am "off the handle" which is not true, defending something that should have been announced properly, instead of some snide remark on a one time call. I was not mean BTW, was very pleasant and inquisitive mind you. Nor did I call back and harass. So I dismiss some marking me as an "jerk". Not disclosing an actual stop in production is, in my opinion, strange.

Sorry, but I know life is not fair, but I know that has been announced my whole life, LOL!
08-19-2008 05:47 PM  12 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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My guess is that CYE is under a non-disclosure agreement and legally can't tell anybody what's wrong - and that assumes that the exact cause of the problem is known.
I can't for the life of me imagine how that could happen when it is a CYE designed and sold product. Since when do you enter non disclosure preventing you from talking about what you own? Maybe if it were a dealer, but not the Mfg./designer . . .

- Tim
Friends don't let friends become electrotarded . . . .
08-19-2008 06:23 PM  12 years ago


South Jordan, UT - United States of America

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This is my guess - and it's only a guess with my insight into the process. I'll use XYZ as the designer, since really it could be any company - the process is pretty generic.

The NDA would be between XYZ (who designed it) and an unnamed entity (who manufactures it).

The NDA would no doubt involve legalese that says "no finger pointing" or even mentioning what the problem is.

This is for a couple of reasons. When looking for a contract manufacturer (CM), you generally put out a bid and many CM companies bid for the contract.

These bidding CM's are competing with each other, and will use anything they can to get a leg up on the next deal (not just with XYZ - it may be for a big bid for General Motors or Boeing).

This is where the NDA comes in. XYZ can't specify what's wrong, because the various CM's know (or at least can guess correctly) who won the contract. That gives the competing CM a reason to badmouth a competitor to attempt to win the next deal.

Meanwhile, the CM that is making the mufflers is obligated to help fix the problem - they contracted to put out a good product, after all. This is no different than XYZ wanting to put out a good product, and replacing defective goods for the end customer. So XYZ doesn't want to bad mouth the CM - who is their partner after all. It would literally be biting the hand that feeds them.

And if XYZ were to badmouth their CM partner, the other (competing) CM companies would take note, and decide to pass up when XYZ bids for the next contract. Suddenly XYZ can't get anybody to manufacture their product.

So, this is one of those cases of how modern processes - which nearly always end up in a superior product that costs less and can be made in greater quantities - all big wins - require keeping the end customer (ie. "us" ) in the dark about a few details.

The last thing I want in a heli is a few loose screws.
08-19-2008 10:22 PM  12 years ago
Buzzin Brian


College Station, Texas

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JA Allen,

Send an e-mail to and I will personally make sure you get a brand new header sent out for your MP 5 90 that is cracked. I have no issue with that. And to be honest, yes we have a hand full of pipes to use as replacements in the event of a pipe failure. We did this to intentionally be able to deal with customer service issues. Our reputation is that of taking care of any warranty issue without question if the product is genuinely not functioning properly. The ones we have in hand are not, and will not be sold to the open market. They will be kept for like I said, warranty replacements. I'm sorry if you feel this leaves you in the learch, however the main point is if one of your pipes does indeed fail there is a chance there will be a pipe here we can use to replace it with, so hopefully that relieves that issue for you a little.

As for the why's, what's, and when's pariah has such a wonderful grasp on what is going on it is going to be very difficult for me to explain it any differently.

If you EVER have a warranty issue all you need do is send us an email any time and we will handle the issue as quickly as we can. We are here to make sure you have a quality product with great support. Sometimes that means making decisions to stop production on a popular product. We as a manufacturer would prefer to sell these products as much as you guys would like to buy them. However for right now it is what it is. The pipe is no more for a while. We will do our level best to support the pipe for as long as we can. We have headers. All your dealers have to do is order them.

I hope this is clear. If anyone has any specific questions regarding this issue I will answer them as quickly as I can if the information can be made public. However understand that we are not likely to get specific about what the issues are and why. I hope everyone can understand this, if not we are truly sorry for that.

Build it, fly it, crash it. Repeat as often as needed.
08-19-2008 10:29 PM  12 years ago
JA Allen


Waxhaw, NC

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Thank you very much for the offer, but NEM3 above has been generous enough to send me his spare to get at least one back in the air.

If you could send one back to Him for this sacrifice, that would be cool.

Unless he sees this post, and asks me to grab your offer, I will do so.

I am still reeling from hearing this pipe is no more, I just dont know what to do or say. Mine have had no defects at all, but thank you for the insurance, but I dont think it will be needed.

At least CYE has come out honest about this, and I know what to do for now.

08-20-2008 02:58 PM  12 years ago


New Lenox, Il

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It's no problem J.A./Brian. I didn't expect or need the header peice for the pipe. So in effect I have something extra from your company. And if pipes are going to be as limited as you say. There is no sense in using another one for a replacement header.

I won't need it (I hope).
08-20-2008 03:09 PM  12 years ago
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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Althought I have not made any purchases from this company "yet" but when the time comes you can bet it will be on a high priority list given this excellent "above and beyond" customer service.

So...a bump for this post is well deserved.
~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~
08-20-2008 07:14 PM  12 years ago



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The folks at CY are top notch. They will go back and forth via e-mail or phone until you get all of your questions answered. I had an MP2 split on me. When I sent them an e-mail they sent out an MP5 the same day while I sent the MP2 back. I have since purchased 2 Solid G's, ATG, G-View, Radix MR & TR blades.

Good job guys!
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