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07-13-2008 12:11 AM  9 years agoPost 1



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Matt, You’ve got a bloody nerve, who the hell are you to suggest people tone down what they say about a product? You have winged about enough products in the past, a negative is probably more influential than a positive.

Just because someone keeps expressing who their favourite manufacturer is, why is that considered 'ADVERTISING', they are just very happy and want to share it. You don't have to read it or take any notice of it, I did not really want to read all about your shady past as a jonnie salesman so I skipped that bit and move onto some more stimulating - the smell of burning rubber was always a guaranteed 'limper' anyway!!!.

A forum is a place where people can say what they want (so long as it is not abusive, obscene, pornographic or racial – had to put that lot in to remain PC) as many times as they want, how the hell can you start restricting what people say, you could be restricting the information that people came here for.

Before I bought a turbine I wanted to research in depth, I wanted everything, I wanted to know what peoples experiences were with the different types, I want to know if I could build it myself, I wanted to know if I would get good back-up from the manufacturer, I wanted to know if one brand had running problems or electronic problems, I wanted to know if someone though a brand was crap or fantastic, I wanted the lot ........ and I got it, all in posts such as you find on RR. These posts were filled with blokes arguing about who’s was best, why the other was crap, how they were pleased with the support they got, in some topics they were having a good on ding dong but I was accumulating raw data, data I could sort through and compile a list of things I had to look for and questions I needed to ask. And if I had got pissed off with someone continually going on about a point I could just flick the scroll wheel and move on – it’s my choice.

And as for saying “Bell Bloke should be careful cos (because) he is always on about Wren, and doing their advertising”.
Do you not read his posts, every one is different and full of useful information, he clearly loves his Wren engine, that’s why he still has one after many hours of successful flying, in fact he’s so happy with it he’s got another, he’ll be buying the company next. I think that alone is what other modellers want to hear before they make a decision, that’s what I heard and on that I made my decision.

This whole issue seems to have a Wren bias, if Mr. Ryder thinks he is missing out financially he should not alienate or penalise Wren for making their customers so happy that they want to tell the world, he should use that and seduce Wren to advertise with him.
If other turbine manufacturers that advertise with Mr. Ryder are complaining that Wren seem to be getting this ‘free’ advertising, he should inform them that his forum is to promote the hobby and has to remain a ‘free speech’ zone and perhaps they should concentrate on making their customers so blissfully happy that they want to come onto RR and tell the world.

Right. I’m off to do a bearing change on my turbine – No, I’m not going to tell you which one I bought!

PS. I've got a T-Rex600CF and I bloodly love it - can I say that or am I advertising........ Ahhh, oh that's ok Align advertise on here don't they.

07-13-2008 12:41 AM  9 years agoPost 2
Mark Ryder


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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RR plays fair with all vendors.
Look guys, you have no idea about what's going on here. Long standing policies are being challenged. If the challengers get their way, you will not like the outcome. Without policy this place would turn into a sea of overwhelming product promotion (spam) and the ensuing fights about it. Therefore RR policy forbids vendor Reps from influencing discussions.

RR is seven years running and managed in a very consistent way. And believe me, it has to be managed! It's success is not by accident.

In closing, it is very easy to work with and respect RR policy.
So what did he do wrong Mark?
This CENSONSHIP for that is what it is, is killing this forum!!! So much for 'free speech' in the 'land of the free.' Words that have no substance......
Sounds to me like a Communist State don't you think?
Debate is the Godfather of Progress!!
But if I am to have my opinions censored then I am out of here.
I am not going to respond to your inquiry about the obvious.

Mark Ryder

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HomeTurbineAircraftHelicopterTurbine Helicopters › Loosing good people - PART 2
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