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07-07-2008 03:23 PM  9 years agoPost 1



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New Unused Vario Benzin Trainer -

EVERYTHING FOR $1500.00 Plus Shipping and Insurance!!!!

Link To Vario:

I am selling a NEW UNUSED VARIO BENZIN TRAINER WITH AUTOSTART. I purchased it from Joseph at Air-Star International in 2003 while they were Vario Dealers. I am new to the sport and purchased what was recommended. I was planning on putting the mechanics into a AirWolf body. I have not assembled the helicopter because I was waiting until I could purchase the electronics.

I am including a lot of useful tools, parts and equipment to properly set up and maintain the helicopter. I am also including a very detailed instruction manual that details all set up and maintenance tasks.The Benzin Trainer is a large, robust gas helicopter design.

It can be flown in a pod and boom configuration or installed into a scale fuselage. It is perfect for the large size scale helicopter such as a Jet Ranger or a Huey style helicopter. With the appropriate gear ratio it can drive very large 1800mm rotor systems at scale speeds. The CCPM frame set comes in two versions, the horizontal or the vertically mounted servos.

The advantage of the CCPM frames is that the servos are mounted directly under the swashplate, which allows the cockpit area of the helicopter to be finished off without the servos being in the cockpit area. The vertical frames are suited for the open type structures such as the Bell 47 and the horizontal frames are suited for the enclosed fuselages.

Actual Pictures:

Helicopter and parts

Canopy Close Up:

Mechanics Close Up:

Two Tail Booms Close Up:

Original Box:


Startbox Side:

Power Pannel, Fuel Tank and Pump:


Invoice From Air-Star International: (2003 When they sold Varios)

Manufacturer Pictures of items Included in Sale

1 8300cs Benzin Trainer (Stretch CCPM 71” Rotor Diameter, 25mm Tail Boom)

1 Aluminum Frames and Accessories (Purple)
Frames are from Air-Star International (great for scale projects, all aluminum cnc routed.)

1 Zenoah G230RC Gas Engine

1 Fine Mesh Gas Filter

1 Spark Plug Suppressor Cap (Suppressed plug cap to protect the radio control system from potential interference caused by the ignition system)

1 Starter Box – (It has 4 compartments with a removable tray in the 4th. It is 12”Lx8.5”Wx16”H)

1 Power Panel

1 K&N Air Filter

1 Silencer for G230 Gas Engine

1 Auto Start For G230 Engine (Start Engine Remotely)
Included With Auto Start
* electric motor
* base plate and reduction gear stage
* incl. freewheel
* modified fan (only for G230)
* servo with switch adaptor to control the start-up
* safety switch must be used with the throttle servo
to prevent starts above the low stick position

1 Gasoline Pump

1 Fuel Container

1 Circlip Pliers – (Installing and removing the circlip on the main rotor shaft)

1 Foam Rotor-Blade Support

1 Ball-Link Pliers

1 Protective Receiver Pack

1 Fine-Point Screwdriver Set

1 Pushrod Calipers

1 Rotor Blade Rachet Driver

1 Socket Spanner Set 7-Part

1 Cooling Fan Puller

1 Switch Harness and Battery Check (2 Led)

1 White Tail Skid

1 Collective Pitch Adjustment Gauge – (Used to set the angle of incidence (pitch) of the main rotor blades. Generally speaking a range of - 3° to + 8° is sufficient. The adjustment gauge runs from - 15° to + 15° to cope with any possible application.)

2 Flybar Jigs – (Used to set the paddles exactly parallel to each other)

1 Flybar spirit level – (Used to level the flybar)

1 Swashplate Jig – (Used to adjust the pushrods)

I am selling EVERYTHING for only $1,500.00.

I accept PayPal or cashiers check.

You will be responsible for Shipping and Insurance.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You

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07-07-2008 06:33 PM  9 years agoPost 2
monkey nuts


chester england

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how much to ship to uk?

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HomeClassifiedAircraftHelicopterClassifieds - Fuel Helicopters Sold  ( SOLD! ) PRICE REDUCED! NEW VARIO BENZIN TRAINER WITH AUTOSTART!!!
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