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05-15-2008 03:46 AM  10 years agoPost 1


Jacksonville, North Carolina - United States

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I have this battery pack that was given to me off a truck load of stuff to be thrown out when i was in the marines. I dont remember what its for but its realy nice. i dont know anything about batteries and was hoping someone could tell me if its anything of use or maybe even would be good in the RC hobby (pretty heavy though so i doubt it) anyway here is what it says on it..

Heel battery pack assy
Rechargeable NI-CAD
Nom 9.6v
Min 9.3v
H. Koch & Sons Co.
PN 99449 ASSY 052-830095-1

It is 8 CELLS

it has a two prong plug

anyone got a clue what it would be good for? i can post a pic if anyone feels it would be necessary. Oh and i know its for aviation just not sure for what.

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05-15-2008 06:45 AM  10 years agoPost 2


dallas texas usa

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maybe good for one of those big giant "5-way proportional WITH reverse 'radio control" trucks, hummers, escalades, and the know, the ones usually seen overflowing the shelves at wal-mart around christmas time. other than that, take it to home depot and drop it off in the "NiCad battery disposal" box. it needs to be disposed of properly. is this the same H K that makes firearms? maybe ask a gun dealer what its purpose is...but not for RC heli's anyway...

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05-15-2008 05:45 PM  10 years agoPost 3

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Junction City, KS

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If you go to the toys department of any store, you will find several RC toys that could use a 9.6 battery. The catch is that all of them probably have a specific shape of battery that can be used in it.

Otherwise, that is the same voltage as the battery used in many RC radios. The battery provided with many radios is a 600 mAh battery, so a 1500mAh (1.5Ah) battery could be an improvement. Again, IF it fits.


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