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Just for those of you have have been here all that long, there was a time all that Augusto did was help us out with insight and knowledge about the hobby. This was Pre-business days and even during the early parts of the business.

I remember, although he is likely to have forgotten how he painstakingly helped me dissect a problem i was having with my Sceadu many many years ago and i am thankful for that, and remember that, vis-a-vis his character (business aside).

As for the business element of this discussion, which indeed is the point, If you chose to put money down for a product that wasn't in front of you at the time of purchase, or at the very least, in stock at the store, then unfortunately, its caveat emptor my friends. You could have bought something else. Promises mean D*ick all when it comes to the uncertainties relating to a business, especially a new business.

Bad form on his part, undoubtedly, but jeez, no offence, but choices were made on the part of the buyers as well. Knowing that this was a new and untested product, the responsible thing to do would have been to wait for its release prior to selling your stuff to fund it. Sure you have a right to bitch and moan about not getting the thing when you were promised, but the counterpoint to that is, why the heck were you in such a hurry to buy a completely untested product in the first place? Because someone said so? Jeez!

With that in mind, if you don't want it, don't buy it. No point bitching about it anymore.

I have no relationship whatsoever with Avant, might buy an aurora though, it does look good.



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I ordered
a turbulence today, I think my Hirobo copy may as well be a Hirobo.


Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

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I ordered

a turbulence today, I think my Hirobo copy may as well be a Hirobo.
Wow a $2500 90 kit!! Im so envious.

Whats a Hirobo copy? Like the Avant FX and EFX? Wow. Not even close.
My EFX used all of like what, 6 or 7 components from my Evo?

Big difference between COPY and CONVERSION.

But the Aurora is a copy of what, an Avant FX? Hardly.

Have fun with your Hirobo Turbulence. It looks like a very fine helicopter. I mean it. CRASH AND BURN.

$2500. goddamn!

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Madrid, Spain

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ThunderRobo, are you nervous?

smile is better...

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