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发送时间: 2008-03-04 21:58:43
主题: I hope to hear from Art-Tech personally on this matter

Look at Attachments

To whom it may concern:
I am enclosing all the transactions between RC HobbyCN and myself because I ordered a hellecopter in good faith and received one that would not run. Please go over all the material I have sent because as of to date the hellicopter has not arrived back to me. I feel because they neglected to pick up the hellicopter on their end it was sent back to me. as no one has any idea where and if I will receive it back. It was sent back on the 10th of Jan.
I am hoping you feel as I do that I should receive a brand new hellicoper for free or my money back for the original. I have really been trying to be as patient as possible over this matter and it cost me an extra 59.00- to sent it back to China as directed.
I hope to hear from Art-Tech personally on this matter. thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Thank You. Robert D Ward
From ART-TECH----------03/04/2008

Dear Robert
Have a nice day!
Firstly thanks for your supports on our Art-Tech products and I deeply understand your feeling about this situation. You purchased our product from RC HobbyCN in China . I am sorry to tell you that RC HobbyCN is not our legal distributor. I will contact with relevant person in RC Hobby CN and asked them to give you a good reply.
Best regards

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rrKey Veteran

Northamptonshire, England

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I hate to state the obvious here but as it appears you brought an Art-Tech model from a non-genuine Art-Tech distributer then you dont have a hope in hell's chance for getting anything direct from Art-Tech.

Art-Tech have taken the time to respond to your question it seems and explain that the shop you brought the item from isn't one of their approved distributers. Also they have made an effort to contact the supplier themselves, more likely to ask why they are selling Art-Tech products without Art-Techs consent!

I am guessing you perhaps brought this model from an Ebay store as it was advertised cheaper than a genuine Art-Tech dealer? Or online somewhere else?

Your only option and as you used PayPal you should already perhaps know about this, is to file a dispute with PayPal over faulty or defective goods and hope to get your money back.
If not all of it then most of it depending on the PayPal insurance cover held by the seller.

I am curious though as to why you stuck this post in the Century forum though as it's not a Century product and I doubt Art-Tech visit here I'm sorry to say.

Ian Contessa
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rrElite Veteran


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Always use a credit card when using paypal. the only people that paypal protects is paypal. They could give a sh!t about the users of their service.

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Ohio USA

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You bought an Art-Tech heli? That's just retarded

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