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02-11-2008 01:47 AM  10 years agoPost 1


Tacoma, wa

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Another newbie here. Having fun and I haven't even gotten to hover my HBK2 yet! Besides the HBK2 I have two small Nine Eagle Explorers - now those I can fly and they're fun. Any way, my question, like lots of others I've seen, is regarding tail rotor authority (or lack there of). Well playing again today and almost having to jam the servo underneath the gyro and still getting rotation to the left I looked in my spare parts supply (bought it used, came with a ton of stuff) I found some Trex 450 tail rotor blades. So, for fun, I put them on. I now have a very stable tail rotor (after moving the server back down the boom). Am I kidding myself here - like once I get in the air am I going to get in trouble because of this change? Any thoughts appreciated and any advice accepted with gratitude.


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Canton, Missouri

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the trex blades push more air and will do great. Although If you aren't hovering you don't have enough headspeed to tell whether or not the tail is holding. At least get the king to just before liftoff just before 3/4 throttle as the tail isn't spinning fast enough to compensate main rotor torque till this point and beyond..

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South Dakota

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I also run the Trex tailblades, works great.

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Tacoma, wa

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Thank You
Thank you for the replies. I feel better now. I have had the HBK2 off the ground, almost 2 feet once (by mistake). And I still had the tail rotation. The Trexs blades are holding it great. Thanks again.

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