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I have a Trex 450 SA with Align 335 blades. I did as the manual said "unplug motor put the throttle at half stick and used a pitch gauge and was able to get both blades at exactly 0 degees pitch. At about 3/4 stick I have a consistent 10 degrees on both blades. I just bought an RC Heli magazine and read the article on blade balancing and followed the procedures. The CG for the blades was almost identical so I used small a small piece of blade balancing tape that came with the blades and placed it at the CG point of the lighter blade and they balanced perfect. The helicopter had a slight vibration while coming up to RPM to pick up before and that part is solved but I still have just a slight seperation at the blade tips on the rotor disk when in a hover. It looks a little over an 1/8" when the helicopter is in a hover at eye level from between 10 and 15' away from me. I'm not sure what else to try to get the rotor disk to be dead on. Any suggestions?

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Wood blades may not get any better than that. And you want 10 at top stick not 3/4

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I run the Align 325 Pro woodies and don't have a problem with tracking. Yes, I have to track them but they usually adjust into perfect tacking. As for the vibration coming up to rpm, that's just the blades are not properly positioned and are swinging into position.

To track the blades, you need to either decrease the pitch on the high blade or increase the pitch on the low blade. You do this by making one turn on the ball end where it connects to the blade holder. Once I get it tacked, I mark everything on one side (the blade with the red tape) with a dab of red model paint. Makes it a lot easier to put everything back the same each time

One thing, You should have zero pitch at center stick and you should have the same amount of negative pitch with the stick all the way down as you have positive pitch with the stick all the way up. If not, you have to re-adjust the swash plate center until you have the same amount of pitch on both ends with zero in the center.

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I have an SA my manual says to use the main blade grip to mixing arm linkage for adjusting larger variations in tracking or the mixing arm to inner swashplate linkage for adjusting smaller variations. I got mine tracking real good. Also 10 degrees of pitch seems like a lot for 3/4 stick.

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I alway make one blade a master blade and adjust the other one to that, then re check my pitch after everything is tracked

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Blade tracking
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