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02-08-2008 10:16 PM  11 years ago
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Timer T12FG
I have just purchased a new Futaba T12FG transmitter. Previously I have owned a 14MZ, where I was able to start and stop the timer via the throttle stick in normal mode and keep it running in both the idle-ups and hold conditions.

But if I try this with the 12FG the timer stops in the idle-ups and hold conditions - while working perfect in normal mode where it starts when I increase the throttle and stops when I put the throttle back to idle.

Do anyone have any input as how to keep the timer running idependently of the throttle stick in the idle-up and hold conditions while having start/stop functionality in normal mode?

Tried planks, but after all, wood is best on the bonfire.
 1 page 373 views POST REPLY
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