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E-Sky › Honey Bee King 2, is the radio "useable", how is the gyro?
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New Jersey, exit 82

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I have a few questions about the HBK2, but first let me explain my situation.

I have been out of the hobby for about two years. I had a decked out brushless Trex 450 with CF frame and a falcon 46 nitro with GY401's on both and a 9CHP radio. I had been flying for about 5 or 6 years on and off. I started graduate school and I figured my lack of time and money would prevent me from flying and if I just kept all of the equiptment it would depreciate very quickly as newer models come out all the time. If I waited a few years and then decided to sell it, I might have wasted hundreds of dollars in resell value just because noone would be interested in several year old models. I thought it was the smart thing to do to sell all of my equiptment, even if I one day got back into the hobby.


Just browsing around I came across a deal for the HBK2 RTF for $130. At that price I could justify buying it and just keeping it around to fly every so often.

So I actually do not want the "best" equiptment (have already had that before), I would feel bad if I invested tons of money and was not using it. That being said, I had grown accustom to GY401's and a 9CHP, so I don't want something that is total crap and a pain to fly.

How is the stock radio? People mention that it doesn't have the range, what kind of range can you expect? I would really only be interested in close flying and maybe some circuits.

Can you adjust pitch and throttle curves with the stock radio?

I also heard someone say that their radio died on them after a few months. Is this a likely problem?

How is the gyro, I can't even remember flying with non heading hold gyros, how does the stock gyro hold. Can you add rudder compensation with the stock radio?

Thanks guys

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02-06-2008 06:23 AM  10 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Aiken, SC USA

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Usability of the radio:
No programmability at all, except a knob on the left that moves the pitch range up or down, i.e., the range stays the same, but center stick/idle up can be anywhere from -5º to +5º, and a knob on the right that increases/decreases pitch range as you approach center stick in normal mode. This one has no effect in idle.

Range - I have flown mine from the batter's box with the heli in short/mid center field at a local softball park. No issues, and that's about as far as I felt comfortable going.

Reliability - been using mine since mid-October with no issue. It was used when I got it.

My stock 0704 rate gyro held very well when dialed in properly and adequate headspeed applied (read: brushless). You have the experience to do this - you just have to know not to expect 401-esque holding power. Have you heard of the Logictec 2100 gyro? Reviews compare it favorably to the 401, and it "only" costs about a hundred bucks. I use a Telebee 6g - used, $45 - does me fine.

Again, no revo on the stock tx. No curve adjustablility. Works OK for me, but now I do crave something more. I had a DX6 for a while.

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Helicopter34, Youv'e already had a taste of some REALLY good equipment so your immediate reaction to the stock equipment might be ---this is junk IMO the stock King radio is far better quality than the Eflite Blade CP radio. The pots don't seem to wear out and get "GlitchY". As far as range--- I have never been able to fly further than range of the system, you know how helis are, you have to actually SEE them to fly them without crashing so you shouldn't have a problem with the range.
The stock gyro holds suprisingly Well I thought but I never used a 401 either. The only thing you REALLY, REALLY need to upgrade right away is the motor and ESC. Other than that is flies really good for the MONIES, keep in mind the price before you get mad at the lil guy and call it a P.O.S

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Elec-Helicopters New or Limited Activity
E-Sky › Honey Bee King 2, is the radio "useable", how is the gyro?
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