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02-04-2008 04:26 PM  11 years ago
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Futaba 401 gyro setups
I'm getting a general concensus of setup for a 401 and would like your imput This is for you to list your setup and how you go about it not a war on technique, or whos right or wrong
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02-04-2008 05:07 PM  11 years ago


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I'm not sure exactly what info you are looking for, but here goes....

I use the 401/S9650 combo on both my Trex 450 helis and it's worked fine for over two years now.

I always trim my helis out in Rate mode, then use HH after that. I use the auto setup on my DX7 and PCM10X to vary the control gain depending on flight mode - usually between 70 - 80 percent. (Whatever it takes to make the tail do what I want it to do.)

I do not flip switches (other than flight mode) when I'm flying. My gyro gain and dual rates are all controlled by the Flight Mode I'm using. I usually spool up in Normal, switch to FM, and go fly.

I use the 401/S9257 on my Trex 500. I use the 401 with a JR 3400 on my Lepton.

My big helis have 502 or 611 gyros.

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02-04-2008 08:01 PM  11 years ago

rrElite Veteran

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I think you already know my method but I'll post it here anyways

Since the GY401 only has equal left/right travel limits (or rather one overall travel limit that includes both left and right) I go about finding the servo wheel orientation and hole distance that best produces the full left/right blade deflection that I desire with the gyro limit set to around 100 and that makes up the CCW blade deflection that would otherwise be lost to the limited distance the pitch slider travels for CW blade deflection from the neutral anti-torque offset position to produce truly equal left/right piro rates - It can be a bit tedious to find just the right servo arm angle that produces the right anti-torque offset position at center and equal left/right piro rates

There is a much simpler possibly less ideal way to go about it just by setting the servo arm to 90° to the linkage with the pitch slider centered on the output shaft (or rather the tail blades at exactly 0° deflection) and using sub-trim to achieve the neutral anti-torque offset blade deflection and offset servo arm position together at once then all you have to do is recalibrate the gyro to the new sub-trimmed center and set the travel limit and the left/right piro rates should come out more equal but may still fall short as the servo arm may need to be offset more at the anti-torque offset position to produce truly equal left/right piro rates vs the unequal left/right slider travel from it's offset neutral position

After it's all trimmed calibrated and adjusted I fly it and find the piro rate and gain level that performs to my liking without wagging
02-04-2008 08:21 PM  11 years ago

rrElite Veteran

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Regardless of servo, I follow the instructions and use radio trim to set tail to hold in rate mode.

I also have tried Micro-Maniacs offset method and results seem to be the same. His method seems to give more equal piro rates but still very close either way.
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