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03-11-2003 09:51 PM  15 years agoPost 1
Steve Campbell

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Baton Rouge, LA

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Thanks to all who enlightened me regarding spy cookies. Too bad it degenerated into the usual urination competition; but then, I enjoy some controversy as much as the next forumite...


03-12-2003 05:48 AM  15 years agoPost 2
Jim C



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RCU website planting spy cookies.. part deux
man what a shame , a true thread that had no intentions of being turned into a flame session but no... there has to be someone that has to be a smartass to screw it up.. man get over it . Heli Gal wouldnt post something like that unless it was true and i have seen it for my self.. and other sites CAN read other cookies so someone should brush up on internet trickery... And no Mark spy cookies will not help your site it is fine the way it is honest.. there are enough popups now no need to ad to them..If anyone wants to buy something we know where to go to do so(not to be a jerk) Heli-Gal thanks for the acknowledgement but you caught it first
What makes you think the cookies are used to "spy" or track activity? Not all cookies are bad cookies.
greger: you are correct on the fact not all cookies are bad cookies.. BUT any cookie can be used to find info about your computer and used aginst you.. if you have the right software..
Every site including this one uses cookies YES and even RR. DUH
hmm yes thats what i explained earlier in my first post
, as per your agreement with RCU, this thread of lies needs to be CLOSED!!!!
why cuz you know its true?? whats the big deal.. its only a dicussion?????????????? it was said that this site has cookies too.......

Steve your welcome i hope you got your questions answerd.. glad to enlighten whoever i can im not here to cause trouble in any way regardless of what has been said the last few days i tell em like i see them and i seen no reason to close that post only cuz someone didnt like the fact that someone else is right and called it out ... but that is my opinion..


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