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03-11-2003 08:53 AM  15 years agoPost 1

rrElite Veteran


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Be aware to those entering this hobby with a view to making money there are some conflicts of interest in opinions expressed here and I feel you should be aware of the facts that stand since those people do not chose to make forthright and honest disclosures themself.

A member here sells heli cam gear and it is in his financial interest to ensure all prospective clients here have beleif in a profitability of this "industry" and continue in their purchase of his gear.

If there where no viability or less than estimated by a new entrant they may make an incorrect investment based on biased advice to the contrary.
They should be informed that in any thread in this forum any matters regarding the profitablity or viabilty advice of this heli cam hobby from persons who sell heli cam gear should be viewed as a conflict of interest to any impartiality.

A number of other members are long term customers of the heli cam gear seller and relly on future support by the seller and undoubtedly would not have a harsh word to say against the seller in respect of their future needs.

There is no way to determine if they are receiving more favorable support and service for showing their support to the sellers commerical entity in here but they do appear to go to lengths to support the sellers more here than one might expect

Likewise other senior members who proclaim full time profitablity and are users of the same equipment represent the same conflict as the seller is here looking on at all reviews.

Little can be left to the imagination in a thread that may contain threatening views to the profitability of this industry where one or more of these people are invloved, or in this case ganging together as one against.

The mere fact some are not forthright and upfront about their conflict of interest within such threads indicates one would be fair to be suspicious of any attempts on their part to offer impartiality in any advice of equipment to use or viability or profitablity of this industry.

Disclosure and honesty is their choice and their lack of disclosure states the compelling evidence.

Additionally others are sponsored by companies who also sell equipment and heli cam rigs and thus automatically have a financial interest in this industry appearing profitable to new entrants to it in this forum.

Always seek impartial advice from independants about profitabilty and viabilty of this industry and be aware anyone invloved offering advice on it who sells or is directly or indirectly realted to the profitability of companies who sell heli cam gear cannot be seen as imaprtial to that particular subject.
Be that shared of revenues or favourable future support or fear of not getting future support in the advent they make disparaging comment or agree with those who claim the inverse to profitablity or vability in this industry such as I have.

Furthermore there is 2 companies in Australia who we know do not have full time work but will never the less claim they do and you should be aware they also sell heli cam gear to operators and have a vested interest in ensuring the profitabilty is seen as high.

Honesty is the best policy anbd that relies in impartial advice, that way people wont get in over their financial heads and wont be led to unreasonable expectations to be dashed later.

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Are you saying I am NOT going to become wealthy doing aerial photography four hours a week, and are you saying there are folks on this forum that would say I am just to sell there products and make a fortune for themselfs?

Hmmmm.....Somehow I had a sneeking suspition!


The government cannot give you anything without first taking it from someone else.

03-11-2003 03:29 PM  15 years agoPost 3


Murrieta, CA

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Reality Check.......
I have been supplying Airborne Video Links for the commercial RC industry as well as the hobbyist for over 15 years now. What was mentioned about the implied full time self-employment claim using your Hobby Helicopter to make money in this industry has some truth in it.

Over the years I have told most all of my customers that the most important part of this business is imagination and creative thinking. This type of work “RC Aerial Photography” is still is new unknown industry to the majority of the public. Thanks to the military advertising the capabilities of UAV’s taking pictures the public is more educated about the capabilities of what our industry can do.

From our perspective we see that about 10% of those who purchase the equipment will get to the level of actually looking for work. Than half of them will drop out due to many reasons, mostly no guidance to help get to the next step, plus lack of imagination.

As an example of imagination, and creative thinking, how many of you ever though about “Corporate Videos”? Most all of corporations who have stock holders need to keep their stock holders excited and informed as to what the company is doing. In most instances the company will produce a videotape to send out to their stockholders. If the company has knowledge about what you can offer them in video footage or still shots they might want to add this into their video. This is an untapped resource, one of our customers contacted a large construction company who was building a mall and they wanted him to fly every 2 days to take pictures of the progress over the 7 months time building it. It ended up as a 8-second time capsules from the ground up. He in turned was paid to practice flying every two days for 7 months. They both got what they wanted, but it took our guidance for imagination and creative thinking to our customer to approach the Construction Company with ideas as to what was possible. There are many more possibilities out there, you need to step out of the box and look around.

One last note, although this forum is a great place to get information if you use this as your only source of inspiration of ideas you will get in a rut, remember “Those Who Can, Do It, and Those Who Can’t, End Up Just Talking About It!”

Monte Salot

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