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03-10-2003 06:30 PM  15 years agoPost 1
Georg Dollinger



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Vigor CS and F3C Tip´s?

I consider buying a Vigor CS. This shall be used for F3C.
We have few Vigor here in Europe. Therefore I would be pleased to receive information from you to this.

I also think of other models: Freya EX, Caliber 90, X-Cell ... but these are much more expensive.
I hope to learn something to this
What are the Basic setup tip´s about the Vigor for F3C

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03-10-2003 09:35 PM  15 years agoPost 2



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You can contact Mr. Mark Christy from UK, he is an excellent pilot, and he used the Vigor in the last F3C world championship (Muncie, USA 2001). I think he is flying the Sylphide and the Vigor right now.
Here a link where you can read an article about Mark:

And here a link to Len Sabato´s site:

Best regards,

03-10-2003 09:54 PM  15 years agoPost 3
Georg Dollinger



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Very nice !!


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03-10-2003 10:47 PM  15 years agoPost 4


St Leonards On Sea UK

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Hi Guys,

Guess I better reply as my name was mentioned

You really can't go wrong with the Vigor CS for F3C in my opinion. I have to say I was not sure when I first got a kit of the standard version to try. I got the kit about 4 weeks before the European champs. Lets just say I was more than a little impressed with it, and that was what I used at the European champs. It got me 2nd place (with the 3D K&S paddles), which I think is amazing considering the lack of airtime I had with it.

It is a machine that you will just feel comfortable with straight from day one. I saw it as an out and out 3D machine and was kind of unsure when I receieved a kit to try, but looking back now I really ought to give Curtis more credit!

I know people will read this and say I'm sponsored by JR and will naturally endorse the products, but I am honestly impressed with it, and you only have to look at its competition track record. It hovers with amazing accuracy, is not affected by the wind, and tracks very true throught the aerobatics, there are no vices.

Yes I am now flying Sylphides for F3C instead of the Vigors, the reason for this is the custom designed fuselage (Gracy) in conjunction with the helical cut gears makes for a very pretty and super quiet model in the air.

There are many models that will 3D extremely well out of the box, and there are those that are very good at F3C, but the Vigor is the only model I have ever owned which will do both with out the need for ANY upgrades or modifications. My CS is completely stock, and is the model that I used for the World Champs in Muncie, it is also the model that I am entering in the 3D Masters this year in the UK... still with the same dampers, paddles, tail blades, radio that was in it for the worlds...

Any questions, comments... send them this way


03-10-2003 10:51 PM  15 years agoPost 5
Mr. Mike


Vienna, Austria

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Hi Georg!

Another great pilot using the Vigor for F3C contests is Scott Gray from Canada. You can contact him at:

Best regards

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03-10-2003 11:10 PM  15 years agoPost 6
Secret Squirrel

rrKey Veteran

New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia

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Vigor CS's make up the bulk of the competition at FAI competitions here in NZ too.

Awesome, awesome machines they are.


Simon Lockington

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