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I want to take a decent picture of my night heli. All I want is a picture while more or less hovering, not whipping around doing 3D. My digital camera has some settings I need help with. What would be suggested settings for "iso" "aperture or f stop" and "shutter speed"?

Maybe I don't know enough about this to ask the right question.

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rrElite Veteran

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Timed exposure "B" setting for Bulb. But, it will be blurry.

It's very hard to get a sharp image shot at night when the object is moving, even slightly, without using flash photography. Unless you camera allows 64000 ISO .

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According to RCHeli mag, "shutter speed was 1/30 of a second with an ISO of 1600 on an f2.8 lens" Page 108 of the November issue.

I have no idea what any of that means but I hope it helps.

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I think what you need to do is find the best lighing time. You will NOT get a good photo shooting during night... In fact, your best time will be some time around dusk.

This being said, you are going to need to do a LOT of expermintal photos. Any half decent photographer could tell you the exact ISO, shutter, and appature setting for a photo during the day, however, when shooting at night, its a big guessing game.

My best suggestion would be to shoot as close to 1/90th to 1/45th of a second using an ISO film of 200, or close too it. The faster films, like ISO 1600 will cause a grain in the film, which doesn't really look the best.

In the end, this is what I would try if I were you. Set your camera to ISO 200, and shoot using 'Shutter' setting. Start playing around and taking photos around the 1/45 to 1/90th shutter speed... Also, try other speeds as well, but thats my best educated guess. Another tip, you will get less blur if you use a wider angle lense... Get close if possible.

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