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Ah no, we are not done just yet.

Taking from the previous thread there are a few things to be said yet.

Images in my web site professional ?, of course not, am I not a professional photographer, never was, never will be, I dont do RC AP anymore.
They remain there to promote the purpose of the equipment I sell.
Do I use a Heli to try to make some chump change ?, no, there is no money in that compared to where the real money is.
I make RC AP equipment and too busy making it.

Ive sold $406,000 in RC AP gear to my buyers in the last 24 months, that are all professional photographers in the first 24 months of business.
And that's nothin, in the last 3 months we did $146,000 of the figure above and increasing speed and next year I will likely sell a million dollars worth of RC AP equipment.

I thought recently they where slowing a bit, how wrong I was, so I offered rigs outside of them to others, they saw it and acted and now I have orders coming thick and fast and any chance of someone here buying one of my rigs is gone for the forseeable future.
So none of you are my customers, potential or otherwise.

The more I make, the less any criticism of me here counts for anything in my mind.
Criticise away till your head pops off while I watch my bank account swell up.

All my buyers all work 5 full days a week and have so much worth they dont have time to scratch themselves.
Unlike most around here.
Wherever my buyers startup, they clean everyone elses clock and with their high dollar marketing and comprehensive offerings none of you offer.
And take the big share of all property photography work.
They get more per shoot than anything realtors would pay before, or would pay any of you.
Not by magic wand either, its just they know how to sell it, and you guys are still wondering how.
They are the McDonalds of property photography the independent can't compete with.
And they have RC AP gear, that I sell them.

They are the ONLY multinational franchise chain of photographers that use RC AP gear, and not a few, all of them.
They are coming to a town near you soon in the USA and Canada.
They will cut your lunch and take your property shoots.

Disbelive it if you want to, hide your head in the sand and pretend it aint so if you like.

And that is just them, the fact is there are others copying them and starting up franchise chains doing this stuff and not just for property photography.
They are doing well.
I know this because they come asking about buying my gear.
And all of you would be blissfully unaware of this.

So much I now know that I know none of you know, but would do better in future if you knew a couple of things I know.
Now you know more.

I now understand how you can be so wrong about making money doing RC AP, and I can see how you still beleive your wrong way is the right way by force of the constant droning noise of silly rabbbits saying silly things like, spending more is a bad idea (ignoring the extremist rantings of some here that insist I am telling them to spend all their money now when I simply did not)

I did say that the extra for a pro looking rig like Kimas is worth every cent.
Some of you just don't realise it yet.
But you will.

Fact is, I realy shouldn't be handing out this advice here.
It would serve me far better in a commercial sense to just sit here and watch it all happen and say nothing to any of you.
Let you continue to drive yourselves into extinction.

But you need to change your wrong ways and get with the program and start getting serious about the look of the equipment you use.

Here is your chance.
New product hits the street, a rasing of the bar in quality, sponsors the forum.

But like always, the hijackers jump in with bad advice trying to steer everyone to the cheapest and not the best.
The poor sod who spent all the time and effort making something better, gets nowhere, and can't argue against it themselves for fear of flipping off potential buyers.

Only need to look back a bit to another mount system a guy who has posyted in this thread made, did a great job and offered something far better than the bent up rubbish most use and everyone gets harrassed into buying here, from a rude prick no less.
So like those before him, the bottom falls out of any viability and he is are forced to give up.
And the rude prick rubs his hands with glee and everything goes back to the same old, same old crud.

I have taken these AF dopes to task on this perpetual rubbish they spout and argue against them, debating technical points politely is not on their radar.
If they want to crawl in here under the guise of some other postulating crud and pretend they are just giving good advice about not paying more for a pro looking rig like this, as they always do, then they are asking for it.

And some of you here should be backing me up on this.
Dont sit there like a stuffed toy of AF will end up owning this thread too.
You've already seen the selfless promo from Billy Bob.
It would not have mattered who it was, he was just waiting for someone to bounce back off the mention of his beloved Pro 1 and wham, he was right in there with his usual self promotional hijack of a cometitors product being duscussed on the thin premise that someone said some side comment about his poxy wares.

A few of you have tried to do what Kima is doing yourself and been screwed out of it by the same force dragging everyones standards downward.
If you had no good reason to put a stop to this idiocy in the past, you do now.
Who knows, if the bar raises here and the users start investing more wisely your past concepts may become viable again.
So get off your lazy butts and start defending this product against what you darn well know is happening.

"ooooo nice mount" just doesnt cut it in opposing the bad noise steering people away from the product.

If you do not do it it will be you who will suffer, not me
On the contrary, the worse you do with your Helicam gear, the potentially more profitable it could be for me.

So discount my advice at your own risk.
Good luck.
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